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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Off To Disney World

The time finally came, we got the Journey out of our storage lot and hit the road.  It felt good to be rolling again.  We took our time traveling, no PDD this trip.  Even though we could make it there in one day, we broke it up and did it in three days.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

One reason why we wanted to take our time was to get the Journey's oil changed and chassis lubricated.  I knew of a Speedco along the way in Brunswick, GA, so that's where we headed.

I like the Speedco shops, they have them all around the country and you just drive up, no appointment needed.  It took about an hour, start to finish for the service.  They also do generator service but I had already taken care of that myself.

We overnighted twice on the trip at Flying J's.  I use their fuel stations and enjoy the free bennie they offer for overnighting.

We finally saw the sign of our favorite campground of all the campgrounds we've stayed at.

We registered and got all set up in our site, number 214.  We also rented a golf cart from Disney for the week.

The next afternoon we waited impatiently for the bus carrying our son Corey, DIL Amanda and our two Jersey granddaughters, Anabelle and Lizzie.  Finally it came.

They flew in from NJ and Disney provides a free bus service to and from the airport, as well as handling their luggage.  Nice service.

First things first, they were starved so we headed to the campground's Trails End Buffet.  Lizzie was ready to eat.

Lizzie enjoyed her meal as well as her desert.

Anabelle was too busy eating her dessert to even pause a moment for a picture.

Next post:  "The Best Day Ever!"

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  1. Look at those faces!!! It just doesn't get much better!! I know you all will have a fabulous time!!

  2. Looks like y'all gonna have a wonderful time there enjoying the Mouse House.

  3. So glad we got to see you and Lizzy and Annabelle and sorry we missed their parents. You are ahead of me on the posting. Well done!

  4. Always enjoy your Mickey posts. Glad you are having a terrific time!

  5. What a wonderful time to spend with family. We love going to Disney even without kids. I think it's for everyone regardless of age. What fun!