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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Battle is Over and Everybody Won

The First Battle of Bull Run 150th Commemoration is over.  Despite the terrible heat, the reenactment went on Saturday as scheduled and it was a huge success.  I decided it was way too hot to go bopping around the battlefields with thousands of my closest friends to try and see a bit of history.  So Marti and I decided to stay around the Journey and when we did go out, it was in our nice air conditioned car.  Okay, you can say it, I'm a wimp. ;c)

We did go out to eat and then took in the last Harry Potter movie.  Everywhere we went, there were Yanks and Rebs, still in costume wandering around.  Our morning coffee (for Marti) and Diet Coke (for me) run to the nearby McDonald's found booths full of Civil War costumed customers.  It was funny see some Johnnie Rebs standing in line waiting to see the Harry Potter flick, while some Yanks joined us for lunch at Bob Evans.  They all looked like they were having a ball.  You can read about the events here at  Inside NOVA , the local online newspaper.

Back at the campground, there were celebrations going on from the "battle", with participants still in costume.  We laughed to see to girls crossing the campground street wearing white hoop skirts.  How they packed those into their RV is beyond me, I have trouble with finding room for a couple of pairs of skivvies.

Of course there is always one to mar the fun.  A "gentleman" staggered around our Journey, obviously way drunk.  Marti said he was standing next to the driver's side window.  I went to look and by that time he walked around to the Journey's entry door and was looking at it.  I opened the door and asked him if he need any help.  He said no, he just wanted to ask me some questions about the motorhome and started to come in the door.  I stopped him quickly and told him in no uncertain terms he was not welcome around, in my motorhome or campsite and I told him he'd better leave.  He stopped cold, kind of blinked at me a couple of times and the staggered away to his campsite next door.  He made the right choice...

So today is Sunday at the campground.  It is, thankfully, much cooler.  Marti and I have a late checkout, so we're kicked back in our lounge chairs watching the great retreat of all the reenactors as they pull out of the campground in search of the next Civil War event. 

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  1. Oh, my how scary is that? We've seen our share of drunks back over electrical outlets and even narrowly miss a propane tank. Thank goodness we've not met one who wanted to come in and visit.

  2. You can only hope he has a major headache when he sobers up:)

    We saw some footage of the reenactment on a Sunday morning show today. It looked like fun, but very hot!

  3. Whoa boy. Those Johnny rebs must need to tie one on :) Glad you had a good time despite the heat!

  4. Don't blame y'all for staying in the A/C. The heat this weekend has been unbelievable! We didn't have A/C as kids and am trying to figure out how we ever survived. We've also become wimps!

  5. Rebs & Yanks in McDonalds and in the movie line sounds hilarious. Wish you'd gotten some "shots" of them.

    I wouldn't call you guys whimpy. Just "discerning". Same as me! LOL

    I don't know how we did it as kids either. My parents took us on a car trip to Florida in AUGUST with no AC. Can't even imagine that drive with the windows down in the heat. Guess I have really gotten soft. For sure there would be no one living south of the Mason Dixon if AC disappeared. Hope you get out of there before that happens.

  6. Even though your experience was not perfect, with the heat and the weird guy, I'm sure it's something you'll always remember. When I look back on the things I remember the most, a lot of them were like that.

  7. watching Rv'ers exit the campground is always a great form of entertainment!!..almost as much as the arrivals!!

  8. I hope that I never encounter another obnoxious drunk again in my lifetime. I've dealt with my fair share of them.