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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uh-Oh. Plan B

Well, the old homestead (completely refurbished, mind you) had been on the market a whole month now.We've had two realtors with clients come through during that time with not even a nibble.

We've been pushing our realtors, who have suddenly become very defensive lately.  They recommended the asking price we set, based on their experience and similar homes that have listed and sold in the area.  We're actually quite a bit under those other home's prices.

Now the realtors wants us to drop the price a considerable amount citing the "problems" with our house, meaning we don't have a finished basement.  Funny, it wasn't a problem when they originally listed the house.  To make us laugh even more, we have the standard 6 foot high plank wood fence on both sides of the house, which meets up with the same type of fence that both neighbors on either side have.  The realtors told us to replace our fence (there is nothing wrong with it) and get the neighbors to replace theirs!  Huh?

The handwriting on the wall (or in Coast Guard vernacular, the stenciling on the bulkhead) is looking like we're in for a very long haul.  That means with my 1 September retirement, my income is reduced by 50% .  More than enough to live comfortably on the road, but a wee bit short when there still is a mortgage to pay.

Ergo, I need to get a...job by October.  Yesterday I spent most of the day applying for jobs at five different companies, all in the security field.  No, I'm not going to be a mall cop (yet).

So we're covering the bases and by October, we'll pull the house off the market and wait until spring.  The contract with the realtors runs out the end of December and you can be sure we'll list with someone else.

However, we're in good standing, we have our Journey already and we'll make the most of every weekend we can get away with it.  We're also going to do a nice mid September trip to Branson, MO with my dad and Marti's sister.

We're thankful for everything we have, we're looking at the glass as half full and ready to do whatever it takes. 

We appreciate all your encouraging comments, emails and suggestions, they help us keep our eyes on the prize.

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  1. It's definitely a tough market out there but I wouldn't take it off the market. You never know when that perfect buyer may decide to make your home theirs!

    Lots of luck! Hopefully, everything will work out for you!

  2. Your agents sound like they are -gee I forgot the polite term for nuts!

  3. Sure, of course they tell you to drop the price. How about they drop their commission? Hang in there.

  4. Today I got a notice in the mail from the tax assessor that my house is now worth $7000 LESS that when I bought it 25 years ago.

    My daughter and her husband received word that their house decreased in value by $50,000 in one year. One third the value.

    Don't for a minute let the realtors tell you that it is your fault. It is the reality of this economy.

  5. whether the realtors are american or canadian they are all the same..lower the bout they get out there and try and sell the house!!!..geesh ...when the going gets tough!..maybe they should work a little harder!!!
    can you rent out the house or is that not an option?

  6. Paul and Marti... we are right there with you.

    Our 'new' realtor who suggested a new $20K lower price when we selected him has now suggested we lower another $15K. Bill told him he might consider it if the realtor was willing to lower his commission to 4%. Of course, that did not fly;o))

    So we, like you will just continue to enjoy ourselves and do what we have to do until the house sells. The glass is definitely half full:o)))

  7. OH, don't give up yet! Late August and early September are prime house-buying time, right before the school year starts. It doesn't hurt to leave it on the they say, it only takes one. My realtor lowered her commission for me to 5%, and 4% if she was listing/selling agent. Keep the faith :)

  8. Don't get discouraged. I think the next couple of months are the busy time. And remember, a lower income from retirement means much less taxes are taken out. Your take-home pay probably won't be that much different. And no commute costs.

  9. We had pulled our house off the market after a year of no offers. Once we did that we were flooded with mail from new realtors wanting to sell our house. We siffted through the letter and found one that sounded promising. We made the call and low and behold he said he already had a buyer for our house lined up. One month later we had the house sold!!! All it takes is a real go getter to get things done.

  10. Sure sounds like your realtor is a jerk. Wasn't he the one who told you to do all the work in fixing it up to sell? And now after that he's saying lower the price. I'd for sure send him packing as soon as I could.

    Is your house even in the paper or anywhere in terms of advertising?
    Don't give up hope and don't take another job too soon. What about temp work? For short term or renting the house short term? Would either of those work?

    Really want to see you two free of all of this.

  11. Until the recession (depression) hit real estate brokers were bascially "Order Takers" They showed you a couple of houses and if you liked one they filled out the paperwork for you and moved on to the next person to take their order. IMHO a lot of brokers do not know how to sell - they very rarely had to!!! I think some of them got their training at McDonalds!! What they are saying to you is "lower your price so it will be EASY for us to sell it!" There are some good brokers out there who know how to see and how to market and are true professionals. However there are a lot who got into the Biz as it was an easy lucrative gig - but now they have no idea what to do.
    Hang in there and stay your course based on the activity around you. I'd also suggest getting a broker who knows how to sell in this economy. That said, our house has yet to sell after 5 months on the market - we are however getting some good traffic and have been the bridesmaid 4 times now. The average "for sale time" in New Mexico is 15 MONTHS!! Hang tough!!!!

  12. It's a shame that after all your hard work (at the realtor's recommendation!) he's now citing problems with the house as the reason it's not selling. Hang in there. It'll happen.

  13. Hang in there! Things seem to happen when they are suppose to. You have great attitudes! Laurel is right, you are headed into a prime time.

    Laura Raber

  14. Thank you for the very nice comment on my blog. However, I can't respond to you. I do have a link on my blog with my email. I'd love to have yours!!

  15. Bummer on the idea that you need to reduce your house price. I think that maybe this is a strategy that all the realtors are using with home sellers these days. Anyway, the best you can do is try to be present in the moment and enjoy the life you have. Keep your eye on your dream. Take care you two. Levonne

  16. To answer your question: I was in Rotterdam from 1977 to 1980 at the Marine Inspection office.

    Then I reopened Activities Europe/marine inspection office in Rotterdam in 1995 and retired from there in 1999.