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Monday, March 11, 2013

Life In The Slow Lane

Out of the blue, I received a “robo” call on my phone from the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital.  I had an appointment scheduled for Friday.  Of course, the robot making the call didn’t happen to mention where at the VA my appointment was for.

After I made several calls, I found out it was an eye appointment with an ophthalmologist.  Maybe we’re getting somewhere?

After meeting with the eye doc, who confirmed that I have a cataract in my right eye, I now had to get an appointment with the anesthesiologist to ensure I am healthy enough (?) to have the surgery.  That appointment is scheduled for 22 April.  So, it looks like we’ll be sticking around in neutral longer than we could have ever anticipated.  As for the actual surgery date, who knows?  This is starting to look like the makings of a disaster for any spring and possibly summer travel plans. :c( 

In the mean time, Marti’s cataract surgery with a civilian doctor will be on 18 March.  That’s good news, at least one of us will be able to see straight.

The biggest event we’ve had recently was a pancake dinner to raise money for grandson Andrew’s youth group to make a summer camp trip.  The pancakes were flowing fast and furious. Marti and daughter Heather enjoyed plates full of pancakes and sausage, as well as nice fruit salads.


To make the dinner more enjoyable, we had a special guest, our son Corey had flown down from NJ to visit Heather’s family.  It was good to see him.


Owie got really tired of pancakes, he ate so many he looked like he’d bust at the seams.


We tipped our waiter well to help raise money for the camp trip.


Who was our waiter that did such an excellent job?  Why Andrew, of course!  He got the best tip, a special hug from his mom.


Life goes on, we’re safe and secure here in South Carolina, even if not much is going on. 

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  1. Medical issues can certainly put a crimp in travel plans. How well I know. But being able to see again is definitely a good thing. Hang in there, this too shall be a pain in the eye.

  2. So sorry that medical issues are keeping you from traveling. Our medical system is just too complicated and the VA system seems even worst:o(( At least you are stuck near family!! Hope you get these issues behind you and get back on the road ASAP!!

  3. Well, that's a bummer. But at least you're near family, and can spend time with the grandkids geocaching until everything is resolved. Mom, who had cataract surgery on both eyes a few years ago, says the difference is like night and day, so the wait should be worthwhile.

    P.S. Any hits on the cache you guys planted a while back?

    1. Yes, we got two eamils just today from some folks that found it over the weekend. They liked it, so we done good on our first cache hide. :c)

  4. Lets hope that you can get all these issues taken care of and get back on the road soon

  5. Sorry you are "stuck" in SC but at least you're not in the mid-weest with all the snow! :-)

  6. Awww looks like a worthwhile benefit to attend.

    Hope your eye stuff goes well. My mom just had hers done and it's amazing how clear and bright things are again for her. She don't even need glasses now!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. The VA has been able to do what otherwise couldn't be cured, you've been slowed down.

  8. I regret to admit that I've let my blog reading slip.
    I really, really needed to comment on the size of that cheque. (OK fine, 'check') What was the amount of the postage? It's a good thing it wasn't for twice that amount, or it would have been 28 months.
    Is the bank now going to put a "hold" on it? Maybe you can use it to start your next camp-fire? Must be at least worth the paper it's printed on. OK, I'll stop now.

  9. Why do cats rarely get cat-aracts? No, really. Good luck on all that stuff! *puts on sunglasses*

  10. I'm glad one of you two will be able to see straight soon.

    Did you not participate in consuming the cakes?

  11. Nothing like having the brakes put on for you. At least you're in a place you want to be and you're close to those kids. It's not really a bad place to be and there's always next year. You'll be able to see better than and Marti won't have to be the only driver. Things do work out. Patience is a requirement when you're dealing with the VA.

  12. Glad to hear things are finally starting to roll. There are worse places to be stranded...if you don't believe me just look at that adorable face (the one that was stuffed with pancakes)

  13. Oh thank God for the first call. Don't want two one eyed people driving the Journey. I'm sure you are getting hitch-itch, but being with the fam is the best :)

  14. Sounds like forced relaxation to me. Enjoy! I hope those kids have a good trip.

  15. Well I'm really sorry you are still hanging out in South Carolina but there are worse places. Hope all these cataract things go well. People I know who have had them say their eye sight is like when they were kids. I have a cateract and apparently have had for a few years and they won't do the surgery on me. I'm bummed. I want that good eye sight. I know you'll keep us posted about how it goes for Marti. This not driving might actually be very good for your PDD you know.

  16. That picture of Owie is priceless.

  17. The more you write about the VA, the more convinced I am that I will never get near those folks again:(

  18. We're not complaining that you'll be hanging out in SC a little while longer. :-)

  19. I thought I read somewhere that with the sequester just having 1 cataract is not going to be considered an acute problem - after all you do have 2 eyes!!

    I'm buying stock in eye patches!

  20. If you have to stay put for a bit it's good to know that you're near family. Mom had cataract surgery awhile back and was glad she had it done. Quite an improvement after the surgery. Hang in there! You'll be traveling again soon enough.

  21. Humm, Marti's surgery is today and you're not even close - something's wrong here. Anyway, hope all goes well for Marti - I'm sure it will. Sounds scary, but my father insists it was nothing.