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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Little Girls

Just a few pictures of our lovely granddaughters, for whom we traveled north to PA and NJ to see.  Unfortunately I had to leave and fly home for a medical appointment before we got over to NJ, but Marti soldiered on and had a nice visit.

The Pennsylvania girls:

Little Rebekah, our youngest.


Her big sisters, Taylor,


and Kierra.


Over in New Jersey, it was our little granddaughter, Anabelle’s first birthday.


The whole gang of granddaughters got together with their parents and their great grandfather.


Almost the whole gang.  Missing was our grandsons Andrew and Owie, their dad Brian…and me!  Thank goodness for cameras so I didn’t miss everything.

Our kids, Ryan, Heather and Corey.


One day, we hope to get a family picture with everyone.  It’s going to be hard with the kid’s families spread out over three states, NJ, SC and soon to be Missouri.  Good thing with have the Journey to be able to make the rounds! :c)

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  1. Super lovely family piicture. Especially since someone was not there to break the camera....just kidding..of course! You are right. You are blessed to have the Journey and the time.

  2. You have a beautiful family. Enjoy every moment you have with them. We sure do with ours, and we are always amazed at how fast time flies. Our little twin granddaughters are somehow already almost 7.

  3. Great family!!! Hope all went well with the VA and the two of you can 'Journey' all over the country to catch up with the kids;o))

  4. What beautiful girls you have. Your father must be mighty proud of what you and Marti have created that's a great looking group. Sounds like it's time for a family reunion about half way between SC and MO! Hope your time at the VA wasn't toooo frustrating.

  5. What darling little babies you have. Missouri? Now let's hear more about that story.

  6. Our son, Ryan, in the Coast Guard was promoted to Chief Petty Officer 1 January. He promoted himself out of his PA job and is transferring to another cutter on the Mississippi River based in St. Louis, MO.

  7. Those babies are so darling. Definitely a good thing you have the Journey if you need to go between NJ and MO.

  8. I vote a Disney family reunion 2015! :)

  9. Super darling granddaughters...and of course cute grand boys too!! You are blessed.

  10. Nice family photos. Your dad looks awfully proud of all his grandkids/great grandkids.

  11. One of the biggest benefits of being full-timers in our motorhome is to be able to visit friends and family across the country. At least yours are almost all east of the Mississippi. What a lovely family you have.

  12. Love the pictures!! You must be so proud :)

  13. You have an amazingly beautiful family. All the little girls are just gorgeous. They obviously got their good looks from Marti!

  14. You have a very beautiful family. All the little girls are just gorgeous. They obviously got their good looks from Marti!

  15. Gorgeous little angels, to be sure. As far as a family picture, there's always photoshop.