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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reverse Geocaching

Our grandsons (and Marti, too) are just wild about geocaching.  It’s one of their favorite things to do, besides sleeping over in the Journey.  Me?  I’m usually the chauffer, driving them from place to place while Marti navigates.  We’ve found over a dozen caches so far around our South Carolina “home”.

Today, we did something different, instead of hunting for another geocache, we made one of our own and hid it.

A trip to the Dollar Store gave us a bunch of little trinkets to put inside as prizes.  A Cristal Lite container became  the item to hold the trinkets and lastly, a 35mm film canister to hold the paper log.


It was a little too brightly colored, so we went off to the local Tractor Supply Store to pick up some camo duct tape.  A few wraps and the cache will blend in with the surroundings and make it a little more challenging to find.


We decided to locate the cache next to a creek near the boy’s house so they can check up on it periodically and see how many people find it.  We hid it next to a tree right by the creek.  The boys decided to name their cache “Camo Creek” and after we found the exact coordinates on Marti’s iPhone, it was logged in on the Geocaching website.

Can you see it? (Click on the picture to enlarge)


Of course, being near a creek, the boys were magically drawn to the water.  I wonder why?


They discovered an old piece of plywood, which they shortly sent adrift.


Then they had a blast rescuing the plywood from the creek where it grounded, using sticks.



What did they do after rescuing the poor piece of plywood?  Why they set it adrift again and started the rescuing all over. 


Hmm, water rescues? Future Coasties in training?


After a number of rescues, we took the boys to recharge their batteries…with milkshakes! :c)


A fun filled morning for everyone, even the chauffer!

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  1. I'd love to be "FTF" for this.... but will be lucky if I ever get that way. What a great way to teach the boys about GPS, coordinates etc while having such a good time. Looks like a good hide...

  2. How fun hiding their own cache. I hope someone finds it soon...if not you may need to help a little. ;)

    Future Coasties for sure.

  3. Just got back from geocaching with friends. It is so addicting!

  4. What great grandparents! That should be fun.

  5. Now that's very cool. I'll bet those boys will wear that cache out checking the log everyday :)

  6. Great spot for the cache. It's hidden but not tooooo hard. That will be so much fun for the boys to check it. You are some pretty fine grandparents that is FOR SURE!!! Geocaching and then milk shakes. Wish every child was so lucky.

  7. That is cool beans! Wish I was in the area so I could give them a 'log in'.

  8. Geocaching is fun for all ages. But what a great way to spend time with the boys.

  9. What a great activity for little boys, and their grandparents. Your cache looks to be well hidden.

  10. Geocaching is just a great family activity. Get those kids outside and enjoying nature. Hope someone finds the catch real soon:o))

  11. Good idea to hide the cache where the boys can check up on it ... adds to the fun.

  12. How neat! Making memories with the grands... Sounds like a plot for granddad to write a story for the boys to keep.

  13. Great idea to use camo duct tape. Blends right in and took me a while to find it.

  14. Uh oh. Hiding caches now. That's it. You guys are hooked. Great activity for both young and "not so young".

  15. I don't know what those boys are going to do after you two head in another direction. They've had a blast learning all these new skills. What fun for everyone!

  16. If you need a chauffeur's uniform (in good condition) I'm willing to sell it for a reasonable price.

    Nice job the kids did on that cammo-cache. Maybe it'll be so good nobody will ever find it?

    Sure like the looks of that milkshake too. Lucky kids!

  17. Looks like a great idea of hiding a cache near the boys home. I am sure they will be there often to check up on it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  18. What a great idea to do your own cache. I think you're right... future Coasties!

  19. What a fun day, ending up with a nice milkshake.

  20. Only you would think to cover it in camo tape. Funny