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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Mike and Terri are brave souls.  Since they’ve been doing a workamping gig nearby us at J. Strom Thurmond COE campground, they’ve been meeting with us almost once a week for lunch.


At least they’re brave enough to meet with us almost weekly for lunch.  ;c)

We meet at a restaurant about halfway between where we’re each located.


It has a great buffet with all kinds of yummy Southern delights.


One of their highlights is this delicious selection: 


Yep, Livernips.  We’re not really sure what it is, there must be some kind of liver in it, but the nips?  That leaves all kind of things roaming around in our imaginations…

We’ve been eyeballin’ this food for several weeks now and none of us has been brave enough to try it.  Until today.

Terri showed she was the adult in our group and agreed to try this lip smackin’ slice (glob, blob, pile) of heaven.


With excited anticipation, we all watched as she grabbed a good forkful of the Livernips.


She bravely scooped the fork off her plate, and slid it into her mouth.


How much did she love it?  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.



I think you can read her mind:  “What was I thinking!”


We all voted.  Livernips is enough to turn the most dyed in the wool meat eater into a vegan!   Or maybe we’re all too much Yankee to appreciate good Southern cooking???

Just goes to show that even small things keep us amused when we’re not traveling.

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  1. Congratulations to Terri for leading the way, congratulations to the other three of you for reading the body language and not making the same mistake.

  2. Livernips? I actually had to google it. Turns out there are several recipes. One lists it as "unusual food"!

    Not for us, thanks!

  3. "Unusual" is a polite way to describe it. I'll just leave it at that. . .

  4. OK. I had to Google it too and, from what I've read, I think at least one of us (Rick)would love livernips :) We'll have to check it out next time we're in SC :)

  5. I usually try stuff but after reading what's in it I'll pass. There's beef, that's enough to not eat it.

    Congrats to Terri for trying. lol

  6. Ick Yuck and I'm sure not going to try it. I can't understand though why a buffet restaurant would have it. Normally only popular and fairly common foods are in a buffet.

  7. Well, the diner did warn you with the name of that dish:))

  8. No thanks. I'm not adventurous with food to begin with and even the name of the stuff turns me off. Terri deserves a special reward in my book.

  9. Great pictures of Terri. I had no idea she was so brave! Way to go Terri! You've done us all a public service. I'm not even going to google it.

  10. So, who made those Livernips, Purina?? I think even Molly and Rylie might make the same face Terri did just by looking at that stuff.

    Maybe it's a southern cousin of Grits (more evil stuff).

  11. So glad we do not eat meat! Looks disgusting.

  12. No livernips for us! Ugh - I'm a bit adventurous but but something are better left alone! :-)

  13. Actually I am in the other camp, sounds very interesting, think it would be something I would enjoy. Similar to the liver casserole my mother-in-law makes.

  14. must be related to the liver pudding we saw in a local grocery here for the first time...

  15. I like licorice nips, does that count?? You can keep the other. Do you call Terri Liver Lips now?

  16. When I stopped for gas yesterday and went in to pay, the place reeked. Turned out this was the place to go for fried gizzards! The man in front of me ordered a pound for his lunch. It came in a greasy bag. Ugh!

    I could smell those gizzards on my clothes for miles. About as appealing to me as livernips would be. What are the people in the south thinking??

  17. Oh yum, liver..NOT. My Dad loves chicken livers. I have had beef liver & onions, which isn't too bad. Pureed liver, not so much! Just the thought of what the liver does in a body is enough to keep me away :)

  18. Not for this picky eater, no thanks. Doubt even Mui, who is a more adventurous eater, would try it.

  19. I also had to google liversnips...although I am an adventurous eater, all I can say is whew. Kudos to Terri for being brave enough to try it!

  20. Way to go Terri, you are one brave lady!!! I am sure the four of you had your share of laughs over this one:o))

  21. Poor, brave Terri. I bet you all were rolling on the floor laughing at her.