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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Think We Need To Buy A House

It’s been one of those trying days.  One where all the good intentions and plans went right out the window.  It’s not even a two steps forward, one step back occasion, we went backwards what appears to be several miles.

At five am, we rolled out of bed and shortly thereafter were on the road to the VA hospital.  Today was the day we’ve been waiting six months for, my cataract surgery.  Finally, I’d be able to see straight again and regain my depth perception.  I noticed it most trying to put toothpaste on my tooth brush.  Always seemed to get the sink before I got any on the brush.

We arrived at the VA hospital at six fifteen and went to the operating room waiting room for my six thirty appointment.  I checked in and shortly the OR nurse came and led me back to the pre-op room.  As usual, I had my chronic cough from my damaged lungs and the nurse was concerned.

I told her I had been cleared last week by the pre-op doctor even though I brought up my lung condition and chronic cough.  He said it wouldn’t be a problem, they’d give me a mild sedative that would calm everything down so they could operate.  Ok, then.

Well, the OR nurse was very concerned and called in an OR doc to take a listen to my lungs.  He didn’t like what he heard.  A respatory therapist was called in to give me a nebulizer treatment to clear my lungs.  After that was administered, the doc rechecked me and was still not happy with the breathing sounds.  He was especially concerned that I could cough during the surgery and cause damage to my eye, or after the surgery, dislodge the implanted lens by coughing.

Bottom line, my cataract surgery was cancelled.  I was directed to see another physician in the hospital to get my lungs more closely examined.  That turned into about five additional purgatorial  hours waiting to get some blood work done and a CT scan.  I have to wait to see what the pictures show.  As a precaution, I asked to be booked for the next available appointment for surgery in case I’m once again cleared.  The next date?  June 25th.  Uf-Dah! (to quote the saying of our famous bird lady friend, Judy).

What that does is push back our hoped for departure from South Carolina for a few weeks in New Jersey to at least August, now.  If we’re lucky.   And this doesn’t even begin to address my VA disability application.

That’s a whole different issue, still hanging out somewhere.  As an “encouragement”, while at the VA, I met a combat wounded veteran who had his back severely injured in an IED blast back in 2008.  He just was awarded a disability compensation after five years of waiting.  Uh oh, we might never get out of South Carolina.  Maybe we should just buy a house?

The icing on the cake is poor Marti’s cold has turned into a nasty case of bronchitis and even better, she twisted her knee and can barely walk.  Guess where we went after the VA?  Yep, off to our local doctor to have her checked out.  A chest x-ray and a knee exam has Marti cooling her heals on the couch stuffed full of some strong antibiotics and an ice pack on the knee.  Double Uf-Dah!  Fortunately, her knee is a soft tissue injury and no surgery is needed. 

But all is not bad, I finally got a chance to wash the Journey yesterday, after more than six months.  The campground does not allow washing of RVs except for twice a year they send a notice around to all the monthly rental sites to wash your RV so they don’t have a bunch of dirty, moldy units making the campground look bad.  I jumped at the chance and spent some serious time giving the Journey lots of TLC with soapsuds.


I was glad to get the practice so I can wash Judy’s motorhome as I promised her one of these days.

Now that looks better.  It’s no longer the color of a school bus with all the pollen.  :c)


We immediately noticed that the hummingbirds were hitting the feeder we have on the window.  I guess they’re like me, they don’t like eating at a dirty restaurant.


I did manage to kill off my hose, though.  I guess it died from lack of use.


Don’t panic, we’re not buying a house, just a hose.  Sometimes, though, it just seems like we’ll be here forever!  :c(

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  1. Bummer, you need to turn the wheels at least a few feet so the Journey doesn't put down roots.

  2. So sorry to hear this. I can so relate and it isn't any fun at all. Hope your lungs get cleared up and that Marti recovers. I agree with Shoeless.

  3. Agree with Shoeless Joe. I hate being in one spot very long. It will all pass and you'll be headed out soon.

    IF you're still there on our way to Fla this fall we'll stop and see you.

  4. Oh Paul that is THE most frustrating thing ever. I can understand why the cataract people are concerned but who is going to do something about the cough so you can have it in June? I guess that means I'll never get mine done. I have a chronic cough that I'm told is "allergies". So I guess allergy sufferers are SOL for new eyes.

    Carrie will be going to work as an Attorney Advisor for the Dept of Veterans Affairs Board of Veteran's Appeals in DC in about 10 days. It may be a bit before she knows what's up there but if she could be of any help let me know.

  5. sounds a bit like our extended stay in Portland OR last year...

  6. Oh Paul...we are so sorry to hear this news. It is just so sad what veterans must go through to get their medical care. We hope Marti gets well quickly! June will be here in a day or so and hopefully you two can get these medical issues behind you and get on the road again!!! Just know we are all out here pulling for you two:o))

  7. Chin up. It'll happen and then you'll realize it was well worth the wait. Believe me we understand ... been there, done that.

  8. So sorry that you have to wait for surgery. It is upsetting to me that you did your service for the U.S and didn't hesitate but they can take their sweet time taking care of you. Hope Marti is feeling better soon

  9. Oh wow, that's a bummer. Why does it seem often that needed medical care is so far off? Wait, then wait some more.

  10. Ditto on the comments venting frustration with the U.S. using you up and then not taking care of what is needed. I have a couple of grandsons in that same boat, different war, different story, but still incredibly frustrating. So hoping that you can get your eyes done in June and the cough cleared up. Not being able to see well is exhausting and depressing. Wishing you both well.

  11. It just seems to me that if it's a chronic cough, won't you still have it in a month? Can't they just give you something to suppress the cough reflex?

  12. Man O Man - not what you wanted, I'm sure. It's bad enough anticipating surgery, than having to reschedule and go through all that waiting again...yup, Uf Dah it is!! I think you'll agree though that having eye surgery while you're coughing is probably not the best idea! Good luck and a big get well to Marti.

  13. Uf-dah to the tenth power! Egad!

    Happy to see you're practicing washing though... ;)

  14. Well dang! So sorry to hear about the delay, but for sure the cough. Marti too! I'm really praying for you two, have to be better by end of October for sure!

  15. Real bummer about your eye surgery delay and Marti.
    Suggestion about keeping the Journey clean when you can't use water... The Solution RV Waterless Wash. I use it about once a month and only wash with water maybe once a year.

  16. You'll get there eventually...funny how one little u can change the entire blog...we thought you were giving up the wheels already!

  17. Oh no! How incredible frustrating! And, indeed, Marti's woes are just icing on the cake. Really sorry you're having to go through so much grief to receive the medicare that's owed to you. Hope Marti feels better soon and you're cleared for surgery sooner than later.

    1. Oops -- that should be "medical care" not medicare.

  18. Too bad about the surgery delay, I guess you'll be spraying those eye drops all over for another month. I sure wouldn't want to have a guy poking a laser in my eye while I cough!

  19. How frustrating! Sure hope that things brighten up soon! Take good care...both of you!

  20. So sorry to hear about all of this! I know you are both frustrated. Thank goodness you are close to at least some of your family! Fingers crossed that you are both better soon!

  21. Hang in there! You have a good campground and a clean house. Best not to be driving around the country until everyone is healthy!

  22. Sorry to hear about all the "hiccups". and hope you're both doing better soon. But the motorhome looks beautiful!

  23. Get that cough cleared up and surgery done soon, and get moving, is way to frustrating for you.
    Good luck.

  24. so so sorry :(.....praying things start looking up really soon guys...

  25. I seem to be going backwards these days. Found this days blog buried somewhere. So sorry that you did not get your eye surgery. Waiting for the VA must be like living in Canada and waiting for them to get around to treatment.

    So glad Marti's knee is treatable with ice.

    By the way, would you please come to Calif. to wash our m.h.? I keep thinking I am going to get to work on it and the weather just kills me. Maybe you could bring us luck.