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Monday, May 20, 2013

Teaching Our Granddaughters

The girls are growing up fast.  They are learning all sorts of things and spend hours in school with their mom, Amber.  That’s because Amber is their teacher, they are home schooled.


They have their own classroom set up in their house, and Taylor and Kierra have their very own desks.  They’re excelling in their schoolwork.


But Mimi and Pa have a hand in the girl’s education, too.  Along with some recreation,


we took the girls to a place that makes things that are very important to most women:


A Chocolate Factory!  Compete with a store to buy all sorts of chocolaty delights.




The store even had a little play house for kids, with some toys and books in case their grandmother took too long making up her mind what kind(s) of chocolates she wanted.


Little “Bekah” (as Rebekah’s daddy calls her) tried some other tastes.  She wasn’t too thrilled with a french fry.


Ice cream, however, is always a winner.


As is Birthday Cake.  We had a family get together for Rebekah’s first birthday, and mommy Amber made the cake.


She didn’t like the cake, she loved it and wore it well.


Some of our family was able to attend, including my Dad, who had a great conversation with Taylor, his oldest granddaughter (of eleven) great-grandchildren.  Ever the teacher, he was teaching Taylor some Hebrew words.



Anabelle and her mommy Amanda also came.  I tried to get a good picture of Anabelle, DIL Amanda, Rebekah and DIL Amber, but babies sure are squiggly.


So after a few tries, I gave up and took a picture of our two lovely daughter-in-laws.


After all the partying, we had one last party to attend with our granddaughters .  My father is retiring from his position as a pastor, after almost sixty years.  Most all my family was there at the church, as well as 300 people to wish him well.  As usual, he gave a great speech and had everyone laughing.  It was a wonderful time and meant a great deal to him.  Now he can do some serious touring in his new Mazda Miata convertible.



The girls were great, even with all the people around.  They have learned to be well behaved.  They also learned it is lots of fun to crawl under tables and chairs.  :c)

But the one thing we’re constantly teaching our granddaughters is that there is nothing better than the love of a grandmother.


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  1. You have a very special family. Those kids are beautiful.

  2. What a terrific post, Paul. So many great photos and so many wonderful family memories.

    I'm glad Rebekah knows the proper way to eat a Birthday cake to celebrate her 1st birthday - dig in with your hands, it's the only proper way!

    Congrats to your Dad on his retirement after 60 years - that's a considerable accomplishment. I can only imagine the number of lives he has positively influenced during his life.

    Just one more thought - I guess it was you who taught Rebekah how to eat cake?

  3. happy birthday to your little granddaughter! such a lovely family you have!

  4. Are you kidding me? Your father was still working at 91? How ever will he fill his time now?

    Happy Birthday to Rebekah!

  5. Wow, congratulations to your Dad on his retirement from the ministry. I'm sure they'll miss him. You certainly do have a wonderful family!

  6. Looks Like a great birthday. And yummy cake. That wasn't Brusters ice cream was it?? Your dad never ceases to amaze. I had no idea he was still working. Guess he decided you were having too much fun and he was going to imitate you.

  7. It certainly is about time to retire. He needs a few little crazy convertible episodes to add to his memoirs. Congratulations to him!

    Love reading about your family and seeing their pictures. It's so fun to be with family and nice that you also can share in their education. Maybe a trip to a dentist might be next after that chocolate museum. Mommy won't be happy though.

  8. Congrats to your dad on his retirement! I can't believe he was still working.

    Love the birthday girls picture with the cake. I have that same picture of both my girls when they turned one :)

    Congrats also to Amber for having the strength and desire to home school her kids. It takes a very special person and the children have such an advantage! Our grandkids are also home schooled and they totally amaze me!

    Beautiful family!

  9. I also home schooled both of my children. Education doesn't always have to come from books or the classroom. I use to integrate all types of subjects on nature walks, or factory tours, even when we took vacations. Living life is an education!

  10. What wonderful family times you are having!!! Congratulations to your dad...he's an amazing and inspiring man!!

    Our daughter homes schools our 4 grandchildren:o)) Here's a cute story. When people ask the kids where they go to school, they just say, "we DON'T go to school!!" Julie is working very hard to get them to say, "we are home schooled." But they are smart as can be and just love to see the reaction they get from their response of choice;o))

  11. Rebekah knows how to eat a cake - just dive right in !

  12. Love that look on Rebekah's face after eating a french fry! Are you sure she wasn't trying some livernips?

    Congrats to your dad! 60 years is a wonderful accomplishment.