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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hoover and Dyson

No, this post isn’t about this Hoover:


Or this Dyson:

dysonvacuum2[1] (2)

It’s about this Hoover:


And this Dyson:


These grandsons of ours have turned into incredible, lean, mean eating machines!

The other night the boys were visiting with us and we took them out to their favorite chicken wing restaurant.  Between the two of them they downed 30 wings.  Adam Richmond, the star of Man vs. Food looks to have some serious competition coming his way.

The boys are non stop active, so they’re certainly burning up the calories.  Poor mom, Heather, she’s just starting to see bigger food bills.  Just wait, we tell her, until they’re teenagers.  We know, we raised her two brothers and know what it’s all about.  (That’s why we own a Winnebago and not a Prevost).

We went to Owie’s kindergarten graduation.  They had a nice ceremony at his school where each class wore a different color shirt and one-by-one each student went up on stage and got a hug goodbye from his or her teacher.  (Sorry this is such a crummy picture).


Then they all went into the bleachers and sang some songs for all the parents and grandparents in the audience.  (Owie is second from right in the top row).



Afterwards, we went to Owie’s classroom where he showed mommy Heather some of his school work and a picture book of his time in class.  His teachers spent a lot of time putting together a picture book of each student as a keepsake.  Very impressive. (Notice Owie is eating…again!)


Andrew was no slouch, either.  He was awarded a medal for academic excellence for straight “As” all year in his advanced learning program classes.


I know he didn’t get his smarts from me!

So how did we celebrate their accomplishments?  With more chicken wings, of course!


And some of their favorite soda, Orange Crush.  Even if the bottles were a little hard to open.




Lots of fun with the lads!

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  1. I love Orange Crush. Haven't had any in years. Now I have to be on the lookout for it. 30 wings between those two boys - can't imagine what they'll put away when they are teens.

  2. I love those little special events with the grandkiddos too!

  3. those little boys of yours can sure pack away those chicken wings! they won't be little for long!

  4. It really is so wonderful that you are both there for these events in the boys' lives. What great memories you are making. Ever thought of getting stock in the chicken wings business??

  5. I love that you can spend time with your grandkids, but I must admit that you sucked me in with the Hoover and Dyson thing! I was thinking I was going to get a comparison, since I am shopping for something. Now after enjoying the photos of the boys, I need to go find that hoover canister!

  6. What a great idea for them to wear different color tees! I think it is great that you guys are there enjoying time with them :)

  7. I often wonder where the kids get those great talents? I have the same thought as you, surely not from me:)

  8. So you think your Grands are lean, mean eating machines. I'm guessing your tax dollars are going to be going up sometime soon .... Justin ate all of us out of house and home. We became homeless just feeding him and now .... the Navy gets to feed him.

  9. Hoover and Dyson? I guess the next grandson would be called Beam?

    Whatever - they can sure suck up those chicken wings!

    You are great Grandparents for taking such an interest in their school work and activities.

    That pays huge dividends in the end. That is if you have any dividends left after buying all those chicken wings!

    Love the photo of Owie up in the back row with all the girls!

  10. Hmmm. How will Owie open those bottle when his front teeth come in? That's really something about Andrew and his straight A's! Good job, Hoover (or is that Dyson?)

  11. So much fun hanging out with the grands especially the graduation.

  12. Wow they are growing like bad weeds. Yes boys can sure eat a lot glad I had two girls

    Have fun with the Grands

  13. Those boys are sure going to miss you when you're able to be back on the road.

  14. Oh my -- judging from the look on Andrew's face, that Orange Crush was REALLY hard to open. LOL!

  15. Well, at least Hoover and Dyson don't *suck* at sports. *snort* Wakka wakka.

  16. It is great that you have been able to spend so much time with your Grandsons.

  17. Hi Paul,
    I stumbled into your very interesting encounter with Locomobile and her owner. Made comments on that blog yesterday. Would you have an e-mail contact of the gentleman owner? I would like to know more about his 1901 beauty.
    Thank you very much.
    John Yin at