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Friday, June 7, 2013

Standing By For Takeoff

Just for a week. Hopefully, the Journey’s tires will still roll.

I had my visit back to the Veterans Administration Hospital (VA) for a follow up on my CT scan.  Plus the results of the bloodsucking donations from my arm.

Results?  CT scan of my lungs was good, no serious issues. That’s a big relief, despite the damage and chronic cough. (In the back of my mind was the “C” word).   My doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) has taken a new tack on the cough, thinking it my be caused by an acid reflux issue.  She put me on a once a day pill to cut down on stomach acid to see if it helps.  It will take a while to have an effect, if that is the cause. The thinking is that stomach acid can cause irritation of my throat, causing a cough. Hmm, this might be the right diagnosis.

  As for my blood tests, everything there is in fine shape too,  Don’t tell any vampires… 


All this grief about  breathing and I never smoked a cigarette in my life.  My lung problems were caused by a severe case of pneumonia I contracted in Mexico on an assignment which caused a partial collapse of my lungs, leaving them with scars.  Yep, no more marathons for me.

If the coughing subsides, I have the cataract surgery rescheduled for 25 June.  I’d really like to get that behind me, I’m still having depth perception problems because of it and keep missing my tooth brush with the tooth paste.


Marti’s bronchitis is pretty well licked, and her sore knee seems to be behaving itself which is a good thing, so we’ll be leaving the campground and heading to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week. (9 June to 15 June).


Marti is going to attend a conference there to maintain her nursing home administrator license.  It took lots of work to get it and it’s worth it to keep it up, just in case.  Me, I’ll be kicking back and enjoying some beach time…with the grandsons, Andrew and Owie.

Why not bring them along?  It would be a waste of a perfectly good beach not to.  Just another reason why we love being retired and full time RVers.  Quality time with those boys.

Hopefully we can carry enough food to keep them fed!

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  1. Sucks to have lung issues and never to have smoked.
    I always said, that if I ever got drafted (I think it's been a few decades since Canada has had the draft) I'd start smoking again, because there were times when I really enjoyed it. Could smoke my brains out.
    Then I got tired of the stink, the cough, etc. I smartened up.
    Not to mention, you're "suckin' on a weed"?
    That doesn't sound right.
    But hey, if someone was going to be lobbing bullets my way, I figured smoking wouldn't be the worst thing that could be done to me.
    Happy Trails.

  2. Sorry about your lung problems. Breathing seems kinda essential in life. Have fun at the beach. Maybe the kiddos will bury you in the sand so you can stay cool.

  3. I was sure glad to read that they didn't find anything abnormal in the lungs. It's really scary - as well we know. Have a wonderful time at the beach. Spending time with those grandkids will be the best medicine ever.

  4. Those tires might be a little lumpy for the first few miles. Nice that the boys will have a week at the beach.

  5. Glad you don't have anything serious wrong. I am coughing still from the allergy issues. The doctor in me says it is from post-nasal drip (ewww).
    Sounds like a fun week with the boys!

  6. Fo me, having been a smoker for many years (quit about 12 ago) any time I get a cough or tickle in my throat for more than a couple of days I think Cancer. Add to the smoking I did have Breast Cancer a few years back. Oh well, glad you are not dealing with that and I hope you get over the cough real soon.

  7. Glad to see things are finally shaping up with the VA. Enjoy the beach time:)

  8. nice to hear that the CT Scan results were good news! at least now you can head out and enjoy some time with the grandsons!!

  9. Seriously those boys are gonna miss you one off these days :)

  10. I smiled when I read the title. So glad to hear that every concerning possibility is a negative. That's just great. A nice trip as a prize for winning the medical war is a great idea. Enjoy enjoy!!

  11. Glad all the tests came back with no problems showing up. Hope the cough improves. Enjoy your week at the beach with the boys. You'll need a rest by the time you come back!


  12. Great news on the CT lung scan. I've never smoked in my life either but every time I get a cough I start to wonder.

    Now, if you can just get your eyes fixed, you'll be able to start saving tons of money on toothpaste.

  13. Terry just did a lung scan too. He's been told he has some scar issue but it's been there for years. They just keep watching it and so far so good.

    Have fun with those boys!! I'm sure they'll have fun with both of you. Memories!

  14. I am glad your test came out well. Kevin has to have a heart CT this week, I am a bit concerned about that. I think he is more concerned about having the CT, not the results. Hope you have fun at the beach! Good luck keeping those boys fed!

  15. Have fun in Myrtle Beach ... let us know what we're missing out on by deciding to stay inland for a while ;-)

  16. The acid reflux seems to be grasping at straws, but who knows? Good luck with that and have fun at the beach. Actually the only time I get a chronic cough is when I have post nasal drip from allergies.

  17. Get that cough under control, eyes fixed and enjoy some more.
    Have fun at the beach.

  18. I hope everything works out well and you get to have your cataract surgery and get back on the road. I know you've been sitting too long for your liking.