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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A New Volunteer

Volunteers here at J. Strom Thurmond COE come in all shapes and sizes and we got a special little one.  Our grandson Owie (Owen) came to stay with us for a few days while his big brother Andrew is recuperating from a successful tonsillectomy.

We gave him the grand tour of the things we do here.  We went to a Christmas Party luncheon at the Thurmond Dam Power Plant.


Owie was fascinated by the big generators inside the Thurmond Dam.


He enjoyed the food, especially, his favorite, Black Olives.


On Wednesday nights, we get together with some of the other volunteers at the Rec Hall and play cards.  Owie learned a new card game called Golf,


and he smoked us all!


Today, we took Owie out in the field with us, we did some more property line inspections and pin hunting.  Owie was given the proper attire to wear.


He learned how to use the metal detector.


Some of the pins were buried so he had to dig them out.


The buried pins are usually very dirty and it is hard to read the serial number on it, so we use a brush to clean it off.


On some pins, they are so dirt encrusted we have to use a wet rag to wipe off the dirt.


Once the pin is cleaned off and the number recorded on the map, a pink ribbon is tied around the pin to ease locating it in the future.


Owie learned to read the map, Mimi Marti had fun teaching him map reading.


We found a few properties that had encroached onto COE land.  If you look just over the bird bath, you can see Owie off in the distance standing next to a boundary line marker, just to his left (click on the picture to enlarge).  I took this picture looking down the boundary and this homeowner had built a deck over the line and a large fish pond.  The COE will be contacting this homeowner to get the deck cut back and the fish pond removed. 


Other homeowners kept their decks on the right side of the line…just!


We enjoyed having Owie along, with his help, we were able to complete another large section of COE property lines and verified the location of over two dozen survey pins.


And Marti was really pleased because she didn’t fall into any ditches, this time…


But it’s not all work.  We had to feed this little bundle of energy.  Pizza for lunch was the way to go.


The rangers were very pleased with Owie’s work and awarded him his Junior Ranger Badge.


He’s one happy guy proudly wearing his badge .


He had one question for us.  After six hours of tramping all around in the woods, he wanted to know:  “Why are we stopping so early?”

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  1. It's nice that you're giving on-the-job training for Owie. Only six hours? I think Owie was looking forward to all the overtime dollars he was going to get.

  2. Making more MEMORIES!!! How much fun was that!!!

    Great Photos of the new recruit:o))

  3. Now that was a really cool day for all of you. So, tell me....why did you stop so early?

  4. What a great memory for that little boy. He will be telling that story of his cool grandparents to his grandkids.

  5. Nice day! Learning to be a volunteer at an early age has to be all good:)

  6. Owie is just cute as the dickens! Great post!

  7. Wonderful! Such for for everyone!

  8. Great pictures of your newest volunteer. Teach 'em while they're young! I bet it was a day Owie will never forget. I don't think I have ever seen a kid who did not put black olives on their fingers.

  9. Your grandson must have enjoyed all the days wonderfully with you by learning many different things...

  10. Owie has the makings of a future COE volunteer ... all he needs is his own RV ;-) That's going to be one unhappy homeowner when the COE contacts him about the encroachment.

  11. Now that looks like fun! Love a young persons perspective!

  12. Oh wow! I'd love to have Owie along on our adventures... what a great day you had... who said working can't be fun?

  13. So cool that they allowed Owie to help! Even cooler that now he's a Junior Ranger :-) You two better watch out, he may replace you!

  14. Oh the energy of the young ones, sounds like you had an awesome day.

  15. What a fantastic day for Owie and for his terrific grandparents too. I'm sure that Ranger badge will be a proud keepsake for him.

    If Owie can't find it in the next day or so, I'll bet I know who will be wearing that nice, shiny badge after he goes home!!!

  16. A good way to make pin hunting more fun.

  17. Gosh, he must be thrilled! Poor Andrew. I bet he's going to be jealous.

  18. What a great experience for your grandson. He was beaming in every photo. It looks like he had a good mix of work and play--just like you seem to do.

  19. Of course, Owie would like hunting for survery pins, after all he is an expert geo-cacher. What a great time you all had.

  20. After 6 hours, Owie was probably just getting started. You must be mighty proud of that Junior Ranger!