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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh No! It’s That Time Of Year Again

Once again, December has snuck up on us.  Time for decorations, good food, family time together and, or yes, Christmas shopping.

Knowing how busy everyone will be, I, once again have come up with great gift ideas for every RVer on your list.  It’ll save you time and with these items, you’ll be everyone’s favorite gift giver!

Knowing that many guys had to give up their power tool collection before setting out on the road, here is a Circular Saw Pizza Cutter.  Guaranteed to alleviate the power tool cravings.


For those of you that can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty, here is your very own Duck Dynasty Beard and Cap.  Now you can feel like one of the guys, as long as you don’t eat too many frog legs.  (Millions of dollars earned from duck calls and DD merchandise not included).


For the indecisive RVer, who can’t make up his or her mind which way to turn next, here is a custom Decision Die to help remove the uncertainty of traveling.

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Now many of us want to be the next American Idol, and to help with the practicing, the Shower Mic Sponge is the hot item.  You can tune up and soap up, all at the same time.  Just don’t practice too long, RV hot water tanks aren’t all that big!

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Many of you call your cup of coffee “Good Medicine”.   So why not take your morning medicine in your very own Medicine Bottle Coffee Cup?  Just don’t ask your doctor for a prescription refill.


Those RVers that don’t feel safe without some personal protection, here is a Pistol Shaped Ice Cube Tray.  Drop a few of these cubes in your favorite beverage and others will think twice before stealing your drink.  They might think you’re packing.

thumbnail[6] (2)

One common complaint from you RVing ladies is the cold weather prevents you from wearing your favorite bikini top.  Have no fear, I’ve solved that dilemma with the Bikini Top Scarf.  You can go out on the coldest days, enjoy the sun, look good and keep warm, all at the same time.


Another pesky situation for RVers is setting up at your new campsite in the rain.  These Windshield Wiper Glasses will help you to see clearly so you don’t plug the electrical cord into the water faucet.


On the financial front, we’ve all heard the expression “Bringing Home the Bacon”.  What better place to keep your hard earned cash than in the Bacon Wallet?  Just don’t get too close to other RVer’s dogs with it in your back pocket.


For those RVers that often have their grandkids over, when you tell them to wash their hands, do they really wash them?  One way to be sure is to have them use this Hand Soap.  They won’t be able to resist scrubbing up.

thumbnail[10] (2)

Many RVers love to hike the trails out in the wilderness.  And nothing would be better to enjoy the beautiful sights of nature than a nice cold drink.  Too often, they have to forgo that liquid delight because it is too difficult to carry the beer, er, soda with them.  It’s no longer a problem with this Six Pack Belt.  It comes in camouflage so Forest Rangers won’t be able to see your beers in No Alcohol areas.


RVs are really tight for space.  Storage is always at a premium and dual use items are great.  Here are Dust Mop Slippers.  You can clean your floors as you walk around your RV.


For those times when Murphy has caused you a massive headache, what better way to wash away the troubles is a drink (or ten) from this Giant Liquor Flask.  You’ll forget about Murphy in no time.


Lastly, for the RVer that has turned into a “Candy Crush” junkie on their iPad and has no time for anything else, here is the iPad Holder and Toilet.  Now nature’s call won’t interrupt you on your quest to finally reach level 400!


There you have it.  Great gifts for your favorite RVer.  They’ll love you for it.  I promise. :c)

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  1. There are some beauties there for sure! ;)

  2. I'm actually having a hard time coming up with anything to say. Best not then. Carry on.

  3. Well really are Santa's Helper;o)))

  4. Is there any way I can UN-SEE that bikini top scarf?? If only I had one of those giant flasks....

  5. Ok Santa David will take one pair of the dice and I'll have the mop slippers please. I can't believe you didn't provide links so that we can buy whichever of these treasures we'd like to have. Or to send as gifts to our favorite RVers.

  6. ROTFL! I'm kinda partial to the circular saw pizza cutter :)

  7. I was thinking that the I Pad holder and toilet would be good for you to get Rick!

  8. Now that pizza cutter would be pretty cool! I know I'm addicted to candy crush, but playing while on the 'throne'..maybe once or twice :)

  9. Now I'm just wondering if those are the items you put on your wish list for Christmas. However, not sure why someone would get you the bikini scarf ... but what do I know.

  10. I don't see anything I can't live without, so I guess Santa won't be bringing me anything.

  11. All great novelty gift ideas, but like Karen I think I can live without them.

  12. Great gift ideas from a truly inspired mind. It's nice to see that you must not be working too hard this weekend at the COE!!

  13. I think I'm going to get me some of those dust mop slippers!

  14. Those are pretty funny. I think the flask would get me in a lot of trouble.

  15. Always knew I needed "more power" in my pizza cutter.