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Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Doll Work

Being a “G” rated blog, we couldn’t leave the LaLaLoopsy dolls naked so it was on to making them clothes.


Marti and Mary cut out the clothes patterns from material to match each doll’s hair color.


More sewing.


And the dolls almost fully dressed.  Here is each finished dress that matches the doll’s hair color.



Lastly was the bloomers.  The pattern was wrong and it took three tries (and lots of giggles and laughing) to make bloomers that actually fit.


All that was left was a some hair ribbons and a bow as a few finishing touches.  Was it worth all the time and effort?  These pictures of little Anabelle, taken on Thanksgiving Day, tell the result.  Not so sure at first,


but then taking the doll for a stroll. Success!


Now we have to bundle up the remaining three dolls and ship them out to our three granddaughters in Missouri.  Wish we were going to be there for Christmas to see the girls open the presents. We need to clone ourselves to be everywhere at once!  ;c)

It’s not the end of the doll making.  A couple of the ladies here at the Volunteer Village want to make dolls for their granddaughters.  Marti has started a trend!

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  1. Such a labor of love, too much fun and success, way to go!

  2. They are sooo cute. Marti - they are a million percent better than those store bought ones.

  3. Love this post. Making dolls sounds like so much fun. My creative muse left a few years ago. I am hoping she will come back.

  4. Creative loving gifts. So much better than what youcould buy on black Friday!

  5. I'm not surprised in the least that all the G'mas in the park would want to make those dolls for their granddaughters - they are beautiful.

    I remember driving all over town to try and get one of the very hard to get Cabbage Patch Dolls for Carrie when she was only 6 or so.

    Marti's dolls are much nicer I think.

  6. Marti is definitely a trend setter. The dolls are darling and their outfits so cute. Hope you'll Skype or whatever the latest and greatest is with the girls when they get their dolls. It is too bad you can't be everywhere at once. That's one benefit of a BIG house, sometimes you can get them all to come to you. That would be some housefull in y our case!

  7. You guys are both so talented! I'm sure the grands will love having something homemade from their Gramma.

  8. Wow! What a talent! Very nice - great idea.

  9. Marti, what a great idea. I love your work. Could you provide the Etsy link? I would like to do this for my wee girls.

    1. Hi, Nan. I googled Lalaloopsy doll pattern and found it. I believe the website is: and in the search bar type lalaloopsy doll pattern. The lady who designed it is from Canada, and changes the name a little, for copyright issues, I'm sure. Also, be advised that the doll pattern doesn't come with clothes patterns. That is an additional charge depending on what you want. The most time consuming parts were the head (5 pieces!) and the hair. I chose to do the yarn hair, with high ponytails, which took 3+ hours each, but there is a pattern for a felt hairdo, and a low pony tail... The dresses were pretty easy, although gathering is not my favorite thing to do, and there must be an easier way. I chose to purchase the $11.99 patterns that included fairy tail costumes, and I used a dress for Alice in Wonderland with short sleeves.... that being said, it was a fun project and captured the hearts of the local volunteers, so I forsee more sewing in the future.. :) Merry Christmas!

  10. That's an idea, Marti. In your "spare time" you could make more dolls and sell them in an Etsy store :) I bet they'd sell like hotcakes!

  11. Fantastic!! Those dolls will be treasured for years to come. I made a Raggedy Ann doll for a granddaughter several years ago so I can relate to the work involved - especially the HAIR. It's a labor of love for sure.

  12. They're just precious... the dolls and that sweet grand-daughter:o))

  13. I love the dolls! Just think of all the money Marti could make opening her own little booth. Better yet ... think of all the memories she's making for those little girls!

  14. Those are just too cute, great job Marti!!!

  15. Soooo cute! I (Karen.....just to be clear!) want one! :-)

  16. What a talented Grandma! I would like to find a craft that I could do to make cherished gifts like these. So glad you shared.

  17. Those are soooo sweet! Your grandtreasures will love them!

  18. So, so cute. One year (way back when) my daughter wanted a cabbage patch kid. I got a pattern and made one, but since I am who I am, I was still sewing on hair midnight on Christmas Eve. Then I was too tired to wrap her, so I said we didn't want her to smother.