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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Heavy Hauling

It was supposed to be an easy job.  Marti and I were to take a COE pickup truck to the Fort Gordon Army base and pick up a printer.  Sounded like a piece of cake.

We were glad to take this assignment because it was a pretty cold and windy day, not a good day to wash signs.

We should have known better that nothing goes easy.  The first clue was the directions to the building on the Army base were wrong and we wandered around for quite a while until we found the building. 

That’s when we were in for the surprise, the printer was huge!

Thankfully, there was a loading dock that I could back the pickup truck to and after some difficulty getting the printer rolled out of the office, it was rolled on the truck by a couple of the guys who worked in there.  The wheels under it were very appreciated.

Now the fun.  We had no way to secure the monster in the truck to keep it from rolling around as we drove.  The wheels turned out to be a mixed blessing.  We carefully, very, very slowly drove over to the base exchange where we bought rope and bungee cords (you can never have enough bungee cords) and tied that sucker tightly in the truck.

The drive back was uneventful, the rope and the bungee cords worked just fine.  Now the fun was to get the printer off the truck and into the COE office with no loading dock.  The rangers looked it over and scratched their heads as Marti and I untied it.


It was going to take a few strong guys to get the job done.  Fortunately there were four maintenance guys nearby who jumped right in.  After looking the printer over, the guys discovered a way to split the machine in two.  Of course that halved the problem, but even in two sections, they were both heavy and required two men each to carry them.  (I was a good boy and didn’t do any lifting…doctor’s orders.  I just held the doors open and took pictures).



After winding through the maze of office cubicles, the printer was finally inside.  Now it’s left to the office IT person to figure out how to put it back together and set it up.  Glad that it’s not me!  ;c)


That task being accomplished finished our required work hours for the week (we’re actually over by a couple of hours).  That means the rest of the week and weekend are ours.  Another reason why we’re loving this workamping job!  :c)

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  1. Oh, the little surprises that await us! Looks like you two did a quick think and got it home safely. If your weather is like ours today, a drive in a warm truck is much preferred than washing signs outdoors.

  2. That is one huge printer!
    Great that you could not lift, saved your back too.

  3. Good thing you could get into the PX. I would have been up the creek.

  4. Just another day in the life of a volunteer! Just "roll" with it. :-)

  5. Hmmm...When you said printer, I was thinking a little HP Office jet! That thing is quite the monster.

  6. Well that is definitely THE biggest printer I've seen since computers were programmed with punch cards.

  7. That printer must be able to wash signs for you! That is a super, duper print books printer!

  8. We are so proud of you Paul... we think you should take the rest of the week and weekend off just for following Doctors orders and NOT lifting;o)) We know that took some strong WillPower!!!

  9. Holy printer! I wonder if the printer could print new signs :-) I bet Marti was keeping an eye on you so you wouldn't be tempted to lift!

  10. What would a COE park need with that? Only in the Government:)

  11. That is some monster! Glad you transported it safely. Now let's see if they know what to do with it :)

  12. I definitely can imagine your surprise when you saw the size of that printer. In the future you might ask for a few more details before you volunteer to pick anything up. At least you had helpers that could do the heavy part.

  13. That Lexmark printer should be able to handle the printing jobs of your park even if only 1/2 of it gets hooked up.

    Good move not to try and help lift that sucker!

  14. I was a little worried about you when I saw the size of that printer. Glad you were a good boy.