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Monday, November 25, 2013

Workamping: It’s Not All Fun And Games

Yet during our time here at J. Strom Thurmond COEs, we seem to have more than our fair share of fun and games.

The other day, all the rangers and Dam (no “n”) power plant workers invited the COE volunteers to a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner at the reception area inside the Thurmond Dam.


The usual way too much food. 




We dug in and had quite a meal.


Thankfully, we had Mike with us to help reduce the amount of leftovers.  He can put down some serious food.  Look how fast his hand is forking another mouthful. I wasn’t counting, but he claimed this was this third helping…


On another day off (we do seem to have lots of them), Mike, Terri, Marti and I went to a nearby town for their Pioneer Days Fair.  There was lots of historical items to see.  I was fascinated by some of the old machinery that was there.  For example, we followed these drive belts to see what they ran.


And followed them into the next room,


until we got to the machine at the end.  It was a Grits Grinder.  It made cornmeal grits that were sold in the nearby country store.



If you folks are not familiar with grits, it’s a Southern dish that is a staple in many homes.  The taste?  Think lumpy, wallpaper paste.  ;c)

There was an orchestra playing good old country music, all the members were dressed in period costumes.


Even the dogs were suitably attired.


There were lots of interesting crafts for sale, too.  I know in the Bible there are verses talking about beating swords into plowshares.  How about taking the idea to the next level and turn shotguns into lamps?  I think NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg would approve…


I’ll have more in my next post, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone’s bandwidth (or make your eyes glaze over).

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  1. Looks like you have a good group there. Would love to see the grits grinder. I am a big fan of grits! One of the best meals I ever had for dinner in Savannah was shrimp and grits!

  2. Somehow a poodle in pioneer garb just doesn't compute in my brain.... and I'm with you on the grits... you might as well just give me that big dollop of butter and leave off the grits... wallpaper paste... yep... you got it. Really though, it looks like a fun time.

  3. Yum, lovin' grits! When we look for oatmeal in the grocery here in FL, we see grits instead :-) Amazing to have T-dinner inside the dam!

  4. Great description of grits. I may be southern but I'm a fried potatoes girl myself. Give me the home fries or the hash browns. Love that doggie outfit.

  5. You just haven't had the good grits... yellow grits sweetened with a little honey... they rock!!

  6. I am missing the part that is not all fun and games:)

  7. I can honestly say I've never tried grits. I can also honestly say, I don't think I'm missing much.
    I've heard it described in various terms, but wallpaper paste seems to top the list.
    But hey, not that that's a bad thing.
    I remember at least one kid in my class (this was back in about grade one) who would eat white glue.
    Didn't think I wanted to eat that either.

  8. We never did like grits. Many meals are served with them and that's always the item left on our plates. Aargh!

    Looks like you're having way too much fun. Didn't look like there was any work to what you were up to. Now those rifle lamps were probably top sellers. Did you check to make sure they weren't loaded Amazing what a little electricity might be able to do.

  9. If grits are cooked properly, they can be delish. It is in the seasoning. Delish, delish, delish.....

  10. Hmmm...I always wonder about people who compare grits to wallpaper paste. Have they actually eaten wallpaper paste? I can't comment - have never tasted either!!

  11. My husband loves grits. Me, not so much. But he was born and raised in VA and I figure that it explains it all.

  12. It's all about the FOOD... and the fun and games! :)

  13. It's definitely all in the way grits are cooked. Plain grits, yuck. Yellow grits cooked right, yum! It's called polenta :)

    You all looked like you were enjoying that T'giving dinner. Now, whatever will you do on Thursday?

  14. That was nice of the to make you all dinner.

    You don't like grits? I'm shocked. You just aren't fixing them right. You need lots of salt and pepper. A little bacon and some egg and cheese really makes for some good grits.

  15. I did try grits a few times and can say not something I could enjoy.
    Your early Thanksgiving meal looks yummy.

  16. I think there must be a special room 'down below' where the eternal punishment isn't fire - it's 3 meals of Grits a day.

  17. Grits are great if you load 'em up right. As they say, "the secret's in the sauce."
    Looks like a dang good meal in the dam! Thanksgiving already. My goodness, time sure does fly when you're having fun!

  18. I agree with the above poster. If you load up grits enough, so that they don't appear to look like, or taste like grits, they are then "ok".

  19. Cheese grits mmmmm….Doesn't it kill you that the skinny guys are the ones who can put away all the chow.

  20. Love the poodle all dressed up.

  21. Only a true Yankee would talk smack about our beloved Grits like that!!!