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Friday, November 22, 2013

America’s Newest Favorite Campgrounds?

There are many places that certainly are in the running for America’s Favorite Campground: Fort Wilderness at Disney World, Longboat Key in the Florida Keys or even Grand Canyon Village at the Grand Canyon National Park.

However, there is a new flurry of “Campgrounds” that are appearing all over the country, certainly becoming a favorite.  What is the name of this chain of new favorite campgrounds?


Yep, Best Buy Stores.  All over the country, people are already lining up for the midnight opening of Black Friday deals like these:


Not being content to just stand in line, these determined shoppers have set up tents and have become small villages.

images[1] (2)

Of course, just like in most campgrounds, there are all kinds of units, from fancy ones, to more austere styles of bare bones camping,

images[6] (2)

to downright roughing it.


Then folks have to eat, so they bring their grills.  How does one cook a Thanksgiving turkey on one?  I bet George, the amazing Weber Q Grill Chef could give these hungry folks a few pointers.


Then there are those folks that don’t want to be too far away from one of mankind’s most important useful discoveries…electricity.  Check out this contractor generator.  Do you think the noise will spoil the ambiance of this tranquil camping experience?

images[2] (5)

Maybe a microwavable meal will be worth all the noise.

images[1] (3)

With all the days of sitting, waiting for Black Friday, people have to find some way to amuse themselves, like knitting,


or surfing the Internet for hours courtesy of Best Buy’s free WiFi.  Of course, you want to find interesting blogs (like this one) to prevent dozing off.

112412 Shop In Line BH089

I hope somebody remembered to bring a Porta Potty.  After all, not everyone is blessed with a cast iron bladder…


A number or years ago, even Rick did this kind of camping to be the first person to get the latest (at the time) geeky gadget.

IMG_5111_thumb[1] (2)

I guess nobody should complain about RVs overnight parking at Walmart now!  ;c)

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  1. I guess Rick really is older than dirt. ;)

  2. Dirt was young when I stood in line just to get one of the first Abacus' to come off the assembly line - oddly enough, even then it was 'made in China'.

  3. Funny Post:o)) But really sad that people are so hung up on STUFF;o((

  4. What's the geeky gadget he's holding? Can't tell. What some people will do to save money is crazy. You won't find me participating in that craziness.

  5. And, I even noticed that all the Black Friday ads are already posted on the internet. We used to stand in the Toys R Us lines when the kids were little but no more!

  6. Did you actually see people lined up a WEEK ahead of time to camp out at Best Buy? I'm having a hard time believing it but then people are just plain ol' nuts!

    1. It' all over the news. Don't these people have jobs? No wonder they're lined up looking for deals, they don't have any money!

  7. Nice post Paul. I've never understood the desire to wait outside of a retail store to be one of the first inside. Then again, I don't do much shopping at retail stores anymore.

  8. Good for a laugh!! No way would I line up for stuff like that.

  9. Never in my life! Crazy life some people have :)

  10. Good grief! Bill and Nancy make a good point -- some people are just too hung up on STUFF.

  11. Same here, never have, never will. Cute story Paul.

  12. Oh man. Not this "shopper". Sleeping in a tent in an actual campground is only something from my distant past. Can't imagine being camped out in front of a store. So you got that TV for 150 bucks, how many days off work did you have to take?

  13. No problem cooking a turkey on a Weber Q as long as its not too big, just need to close the lid, it just a big chicken.