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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Not Every Day Is Filled With Cutting Edge Excitement

One myth of fulltime RV life is that every day will be an amazing, not to be forgotten great experience.  It is a free feeling lifestyle, for sure, but life still happens.  You get sick, you still have to pay bills and stuff breaks.  But don’t get me wrong, it is still a great way to live and we love it.

Recently, while I was recovering from my eye surgery, I had to take on a fix to the Journey’s sink drain.  Our kitchen sink is in a slide and the drain has to be flexible.  Well, something happened and the drain line lost its flexibility and broke off.  I found out it had broken when I noticed a drip on the outside of the Journey.  Drips are never good.  Further investigation inside revealed this.


The plastic pipe got caught in the slide due to a broken plastic tie used to hold it in place and it snapped off.

I had to remove all the drawers under our cook top to gain access.

First job was to cut out the broken pieces of pipe to a smooth, square end and cut out the 90 degree elbow.  I was able to make the cuts using just a hacksaw blade not held in the hacksaw frame.


Then off to a nearby Lowe’s for PVC pipe parts and glue.  Care to guess how many trips we made to Lowe’s?

Next was to glue new couplings to the pipe ends and attach the new elbow.


Finally, after a quick measurement (twice) I cut the final piece of PVC pipe and glued it in place.  I secured all the plastic water lines with new tie straps.


Now the line is all back in place.  I just have to think up a better way of securing the flex part of the drain other than plastic ties so it won’t get caught again and break.


Knowing me, I just can’t seem to do a repair without spilling blood.  Yep, scratched my arm on the drawer slides.  I really know how to fix things using blood, sweat and tears.


As to how many trips to Lowe’s to complete the repair?  A new record for me.  Two!  One to buy parts and one to return some of the unneeded ones.  Now if I can just get it down to one visit, or better yet, drive the Journey to Lowe’s and do the repairs in the parking lot.  That would count as one visit, right?  ;c)

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  1. You're right. It doesn't sound quite as exciting as finding pins.

  2. Jim was installing our back up camera and told me he had to make a run to the hardware store. I couldn't believe he didn't have bolts long enough somewhere. So I made him look a little further and sure enough there they were. But I know it just about killed him not to make that trip to the store.

  3. It's true, life happens even in this great lifestyle. It even rains sometimes. Great coverage of how to make this repair. Do you have a post on fixing your entry door when it won't close unless you SLAM it???

    1. The only suggestion I'd have is close it and then give it a firm push to fully seat the latch. I think it's caused by thick door gaskets, but they are necessary to seal tightly, prevent wind noise and rattles.

      The pin on the door frame is adjustable, maybe loosen it and move it around a bit to see if you don't need so much force to latch the door.

  4. Hmm, I think men just like to go to Lowe's anyway. The more times the better :-)

  5. You did buy stock in Lowe's, didn't you? :)

  6. John just fixed the seal in our water closet, ie toilet, ie john hehehe He did not need to go purchase a part or a new tool. He was sooo disappointed that the only thing he had to purchase was the new gasket for the potty....

  7. Good fix Paul now the trip to Lowes well .............

  8. We had to do a similar repair a few years ago. Got the parts and got the Job done, we were in Unadilla Georgia at the time, sure feels good when it is all done and not leaking anymore.
    Good job and a few scratches kinda come with the job at hand.

  9. Every RV owner needs to be a plumber, electrician, mechanic, etc. etc. Almost like having a house!

  10. You're getting pretty good with a hacksaw, Paul. Might come in handy if you ever find yourself in the clink.

    Looking at that scratch on your arm I'm wondering if you went to emergency for a blood transfusion.

  11. Gosh, you've even got the scars to prove the battle you waged against the drain. We had no doubt you would declare victory. ;-)

  12. Finding the errors and rectifying it is a very great job. Hope you feel better from the surgery.

  13. Don't you just *love* working in confined spaces like that? Gah! It never gets any easier, that for sure.
    Now, probably one of the reasons that I have s treasure trove of plumbing "stuff" is that, rather than make several trips back and forth to the supplier (whomever that may be) I end up buying "multiples". Just in case. Once in a while. Let me repeat that, ONE IN A WHILE I remember to take the extra stuff back to the store and get a refund. But that part is almost as difficult.

  14. I understand the numerous trips to Lowes and Home Depot. Any project we have usually requires many to get everything we need. That in itself can be excitement but something we don't like to deal with a trip every day.