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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shake, Rattle And Roll

Maybe we should have gone to Alaska for the winter, it’s warmer there than here in “Sunny” South Carolina!

We were without power here at J. Strom Thurmond COE for over 24 hours.  Thankfully, our 8KW Onan generator ran like a top and kept us nice and cozy, despite the freezing temperatures outside.


We took a ride in our car to see the damage from the ice and snow.  Power lines were down all over the area from trees toppled by the heavy coating of ice.



We were amazed that the power was restored to our area so quickly.  We anticipated a week or more without it after hearing all the news reports on how bad the damage was.  I started researching campgrounds in Northern Florida for us to head to and and stay until things were straightened out here.  We’ll save that information for another time.

On to last night, as we watched some TV and enjoyed being in our rolling home, all of a sudden the Journey started shaking back and forth and dishes in the cabinet began rattling.  After four or five seconds the shaking stopped.  I looked at Marti as she looked over at me and we both said “Was that an earthquake?”

Sure enough, about 15 miles from us, a 4.1 earthquake occurred!  That is something very rare around here.  When we say our full time RV life never has a dull moment, it really is the truth!

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  1. That cold weather is not fun, try and find a warmer spot for a while.
    Here is Desert Hot springs we are in and earthquake area. We are briefed on how to prepare our rigs, in case of one here.

  2. Egad! No power and then an earthquake? What next?

  3. You must have been close to the center to have felt that much movement. It was only a 4.1 In California we think a truck must have driven by and pretty much ignore any that small.

  4. Experiencing an earthquake had got to be the weirdest sensation ever. Had one when we were living in Puerto Rico. Thought I was having some sort of 'episode' at first, since everything was starting to sway. It took a few seconds to realise we had had earthquake.
    Glad you're OK.

  5. An earthquake? What next, fire and brimstone? You are getting all kinds of weird weather this winter.

  6. You know, they say trouble comes in 3's. Maybe now would be a good time to move somewhere else :)

  7. Growing up in So. CA we went through a lot of earthquakes. I still don't like 'em. That's quite the icicle you're growing off the back of the rig. Yeah, Florida must be sounding pretty good about now...

  8. yikes- glad you got power and glad the quake was a small one.

  9. If you move...please let us know where you are going...So we can go the other way;o)) Just kidding:o)) Stay safe and warm!!

  10. Actually, we are heading to the panhandle for over a month in next week...let us know if you might head that way!!

  11. Being a California girl, I've experienced lots of earthquakes. Like Merikay, the 'smaller' magnitude ones usually aren't even noticed. I'm thinking being an RV would be pretty safe though!

  12. Icicles and earthquakes--wow--and I thought we had bad weather!

  13. If you're coming further south in Fl, let us know. we'll come up to you. I think in the RV an earthquake would be the safest place.

  14. Earthquake, cool. Didn't feel it in this pasture in south Florida. I bet it helps to shake the ice off the MH. Stay safe.

  15. Earthquake, cool. Didn't feel it in this pasture in south Florida. I bet it helps to shake the ice off the MH. Stay safe.

  16. GOOD GRIEF! What is going on in South Carolina? Do you think they are trying to get you to leave with all this ice and power outages and now an Earthquake. I might feel pretty unwelcome. Time to get on the road.

  17. Good grief! What you will do for excitement.

  18. We heard about that earthquake - I didn't realize you were so close to it. Don't ever spend the winter in Mesa - you would probably bring a freak tornado or two.

  19. Our luck with weather pales in comparison to an ice storm then no power followed by a freaking earthquake.

  20. Wow, an earthquake! And I thought the weather was the worst! It's a good thing you were alright, and I hope the RV wasn't damaged. Stay safe, and I'll definitely keep up with the updates.

    Greg Ward @

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