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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Can Rocks Fly?

Rolling out this morning, I was very glad the Journey was not a sailboat.  With an extremely strong headwind, a sailboat would have to tack back and forth to make any headway.  As it was, the wind was so strong, I watched my mpg slide down further and further.  Some days you can’t win and have to press on regardless.  It is certainly better than the alternative…working for a living! 

We decided to stop along the way at a casino to have lunch.  We knew we’d have no trouble parking the Journey and toad so we pulled into the Lady Luck casino.


Well, somebody forgot to tell the lady that we needed luck because our luck ran out immediately, they had no buffet (that most casinos do have), so we had to settle for their restaurant.  The service was incredible, so bad it was incredible.  With a very light crowd, we waited over a half hour for our food (a burger and a BLT).  Umm, we’re not stopping here again,  And we didn’t even put so much as a quarter in a slot machine, have to save all my quarters for diesel fuel.

Heading back out on the wind blown highway, with no cars or trucks anywhere near us, we heard a “CRACK!!!” and a chip appeared at the top of the driver’s side windshield.  We couldn’t figure out how we got hit up there, over 10 feet off the ground, with nothing around to have dropped or bounced a rock up that high.

We determined either rocks can fly, or we got hit with a bug wearing a crash helmet.  :cD

It’s a lousy picture, but if you look at the tree in the picture,the white spot the middle of it is the chip, about the size of a quarter.


I’m not upset at all, because the windshield already has a crack and we’re getting it replaced at the Winnebago factory service center in May.  Class A motorhome windshields are rock magnets.

We decided to again use our Passport America membership and find a participating campground for the night.  After getting lost from the poor directions and driving 20 miles out of our way, our monetary savings went out the window.  But we finally made it, and found a nice pull through FHU site, surrounded by…

Mud.  Thick, ooey, gooey mud.



The mud turned into a blessing.  When I went to dump the black tank, our Rhino Flex sewer hose split open!  Gak!!!

Fortunately I was able to close the black tank valve immediately, then I opened the gray tank valve for a moment to flush the hose.  The mud sucked up the mess, so with just a little water wash down with a hose, there was no sign of any spillage.  Phew!  No P-U…

Who’d have ever thought I’d be happy to have a campsite in the mud?

Just another wonderful day on the road, despite the challenges, we wouldn’t trade this life for anything. We’re Happy, Happy, Happy!  :c)

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  1. Oh no! I'm laughing but not at you and only with you. Been there done that for sure but not all on the same day! Sorry about the problems but we also have a crack on the top of our windshield. It's totally covered by insurance but we just haven't bothered to have it replaced yet. We did replace the sewer hose that split on us but that was necessary and the window isn't so much yet. Here's hoping you have a better day tomorrow.

  2. Oh yeah, I'm really looking forward to heading to Minnesota. Can't wait for the mishaps... :(

  3. So sorry about the windshield but I have to join Jeri in the laughter over the sewer hose. Know all about that one. Some days just add more adventure to the day than we want.

  4. Ugh - one of those days! If you feel that way with a windshield ding, a sewer hose break and a muddy are doing well!

  5. Oh my goodness. That sounds like a TERRIBLE day to me. You have a great attitude. And I thought those Rhino hoses were good for years. You haven't been on the road for years. Now I'm worried.

  6. yikes. . .first you talked about the windshield, and then as soon as you said MUD, I was sure you must have been stuck. . .thankfully it wasn't as serious as that. ..right?

    what's a little spillage after all that?


  7. Even with those mishaps, you seem to be happy to be on the road again. Good for you!

  8. I hope you didn't leave any "things" behind in the mud! :)

    After that kind of a "wonderful" day, it makes me want to re-think getting back on the road again.

  9. We are of the opinion that rocks do fly ... we also had to get a windshield replaced ... luckily, it was the toad that had to undergo the transplant.

  10. Boy, that day sure went to pot....or tank.....or????

  11. tomorrow has to be a better day!!!

  12. Although not a perfect day, things can always be worse, can't they?

    I hope you don't run into any of the bad weather coming your way.

  13. Yep, momma said there'd be days like this;o( But how you choose to react is all you can control. You are absolutely correct that it is still better than working:o)) Be safe and pay attention to the storms heading east!!!

  14. Amazing how those rocks fly.
    We have replaced our drivers side windshield twice already.

  15. Oh my! Like we say, one mishap day RVing is better than a week of mishaps working full time :-) Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly!

  16. Glad to see you're off to a great start on your trip! Can't wait for day #2.

  17. We gave up on Rhino hoses after the third one split on us. Passport America parks can be pretty hit and miss.....hey but that can be half the fun!!!

  18. I use those hoses they have at wally world that connect like the Rhino. I have had good luck and they are half the price. I have to replace at about 18 months (pinholes- no splits) but I don't think Rhino lasts that much longer.

  19. Holy smokes guys! I just read this post and the following one with the tornado warnings! Never a dull moment. We were traveling yesterday in the wind as well and guess where we parked for the night ...... Lady Luck Casino! They have a really nice RV park beside the casino (behind the levy wall) and only charge $17 for Good Sam. We signed up for players cards and after 10 points each they gave us $20 cash plus I came out with an extra $50 on the slots! We decided to sit tight here today so paid for another night and will be leaving in the morning.


    ps: only rain and a little distant thunder and lightning here early this morning.

  20. Well, some days your the bug, some days your the windshield. Either way, it's still the best view!