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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Off And Rolling Down The Road

It was not an April Fool’s Day joke, we really did leave (sniff) the J. Strom Thurmond COE Project on 1 April.  It was a bunch of work to get packed up after six months.  Before we pulled out, we loaded the car with some winter clothing and our leftover firewood to take to our daughter’s house.


I washed the Journey to get the dust off and shined up my new tires.


We enjoyed one last sunset from our campsite.


This was the nicest campsite we’ve ever had.  Even better than Disney World.


We had to say goodbye to Mike and Terri, we sure enjoyed being neighbors for six months.  We hope to be neighbors again.


We went to the Visitor Center to turn in our volunteer vests and name tags.


A bunch of the rangers and staff all came to say goodbye, it was very much appreciated by us.  I guess they will let us come back in the fall.  ;c)

We even got a chance to take a silly “selfie” with Ranger Pepper, whom we’ve done a bunch of pin hunting for.


Then we were off.  We planned a short driving day, I know it’s a disappointment to my PDD fans, but I had a major maintenance task to get done.  The Journey needed an oil change.  We stopped at a Speedco shop outside of Atlanta, GA to get it done.


It didn’t take 30 minutes, they were swamped.  I got in the shortest line.


After two hours, my turn came.


An hour later, the Journey had a lube job, fresh oil and fuel filters.  It worked out well, it was perfect timing for us to hit the Atlanta rush hour.


Some 215 miles later, we pulled in to a Walmart for the night.  We got permission to to stay and only spent $24!  A cheap night at Walmart for a change.


Today we did another short day, stopping for a $200 fuel fill up and later for lunch.  We decided to take advantage of our Passport America membership and booked into an RV campground for the night in Tennessee, another short driving day, 225 miles. 


If we keep driving these short days, I’m starting to worry that my PDD club membership will be revoked!  :c)

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  1. Not to worry, if your PDD gets revoked you can become a member of RAA (Rambling around America), much more relaxed and gentle pace.

  2. Once you get some practice driving the rig, I have a feeling the PDD will kick in again ;-))

  3. I think you've been taking a big dose of medicine to cut that PDD back. Whatever you're taking it looks like it's working. If you only spent $24 at the Walmart during your night's stay, you'll give the rest of us RVers a bad name.

  4. Nice to get the service all done and back on the road again. Enjoy the short travel days and more relaxing scenery.

  5. We're sure your back appreciates these shorter driving days!! It has been awhile so you need to pace yourself. You may even find out that short driving days are "Sweet!!"

  6. I think stepping back from the PDD disorder can't be a bad thing.
    Waiting two hours for an oil change when they were obviously busy is pretty respectable. I've set up appointments at stealerships to have oil changes done, and they think they need all day. I just shake my head.

  7. Driving only 225 miles in one day. Paul, I'm very disappointed in you. That sounds like the type of driving that we do! Now get out there and give me at least 500 miles. LOL

  8. Good thing you had to wait 3 hours to finish the oil change. May be the only rest you get on this trip :-) Glad your send off went well. Looking forward to being at Strom in a month!

  9. Pin hunting is kind of like job security for you two! ;)

  10. safe travels as you continue on your 225 mile a day journey!!!

  11. At last, the pins are safe from being found. Safe travels.

  12. PDD is curable! :)
    Driving thru Atlanta during rush hour? You crazy people! :)

  13. $24 at Walmart? What's the secret - I need to let Jim in on that. I like John's RAA. That's what I'm hoping we get to do this year - at least for a few months.

  14. It has been great following your work adventures at the COE, Paul. We found WallyDocking to be surprisingly pleasant in most places, and the ones that were iffy looking, we just passed on by.

  15. We are really proud of you. You might be able to teach seminars on ridding one's self of PDD!

  16. Only on your blog could 225 miles be a short day. But you are going in the right direction with your miles. Now just get under 200 and close to 150 and then you'll be relaxed. :-)

  17. Safe travels folks...we are enroute VA now to spend a few days with our daughter and was hard to leave Fl considering what we are returning to...

  18. We sure hated to see you two leave. We all missed you at game night too. Have fun and safe travels and we hope to see you real soon.