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Friday, April 11, 2014

Dead Eyes

Not everyday as a full time RVer is about traveling to exotic locals and seeing amazing things.  Sometimes the beauty of living in an RV is being able to spend time with family, and that’s an important thing for us.

We’re here in Missouri for a little over a month visiting with our son Ryan, DIL Amber and of course, our granddaughters Taylor, Kierra and Becca, while standing by waiting to help and hold down the fort while Amber has her next baby, any day now.

So we’re close by their house and visit a lot, but try not to upset their day-to-day routine.  Amber is quite a talented young lady, along with being a great mom, she is homeschooling the girls.  Everyday they spend time on their school work, and they are excelling.

photo (2) 


Becca wants to learn, too and spent time working on some learning games on “Mimi’s” (Marti’s) iPad.


It’s not all schoolwork though, we’ve been fortunate to be here for Kierra’s seventh birthday.  She had a hard time deciding where to start with all her gifts.



One activity the girls love is archery.  They’ve been going to lessons twice a week for about nine months and they’re doing very well.



Can you say “College Scholarship”?  Or maybe future Olympians?


Yep, they are quite the “Dead Eyes” with their bows.  :c)

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  1. Wow, bullseye for both of them! Pretty nice that you guys can be there helping out and being in their lives. What fulltiming is all about!

  2. Great that you can enjoy the girls and see them excel at the things they love!!

  3. Archery! I love it! Wish they'd had a sport like that when I was a kid. Those girls are so lucky to have such interesting grandparents to visit them and create great memories. Full timing is perfect for that. Just bring your house with you and you are less likely to wear out your welcome.

  4. A perfect way to spend a month. But you'd better be on your toes with those girls because they can definitely outshoot you. I don't see your target anywhere.

  5. Great archery, so nice to spend some time with family, enjoy!

  6. I vote for college scholarships!! :)

  7. Grands are the grandest! Homeschooling is the best idea that has come out in a long time. I wanted to homeschool our kiddos, but got the idea after they started public school. They thought it was a terrible idea. Sooo, we gave in and they stayed in public schoo and excelled, Still wish I would have had that time with them.

  8. I'm envious that you have such a wonderful family and that you are there to "help as needed." Kudos to you both!

  9. Amber must be Superwoman! Homeschooling with a two-year-old and another on the way.

  10. Enjoy Missouri. It is a beautiful time of year to be there.

  11. What a talented must be very proud! :-)

  12. They certainly are good at archery. Enjoy your time with them.

  13. Hey, Grandpa - your granddaughters are so good with those bows and arrows I think you should put an apple on your head for them to shoot at - that would really impress us all.....don't forget to duck!!