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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fantasy Tour

The Disney Fantasy was the first cruise ship we had even been on, (last January 2015) and we enjoyed it so much we rebooked for another cruise on her January 2016.  Here's a few pictures to show why we enjoyed her so much.

One of the unique things Disney does on all four of its ships is Rotational Dining.  There are three major dining rooms and each night you eat dinner at one of them at a specific numbered table.  Your server comes with you every night to each dining room so you really get to know them, and they, you.
The Enchanted Garden dining room is decorated with all kinds of floral displays, as well as a Mickey fountain welcoming you in.
The lights in the ceiling are flower shaped.
As the meal goes on, the ceiling darkens, the stars come out and the flowers open up.  A nice touch.
But don't worry, there is still plenty of light to see your prime rib.
Animators Palate is another dining room, themed to reflect an artist's studio.
Our table centerpiece is a ceramic cup with artist's tools (and our table number).
Decorating the walls are various sketches of Disney characters.
Then the walls turn into a screen and Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo comes on and talks to many of the children, even asking and remembering their names as the conversations progress.
The Royal Court dining room is themed on the Cinderella story, with amazing wall mosaics made with thousands of tiny tiles depicting scenes from the movie.
In the Cabanas Buffet, there are more tile mosaics, all beautifully done by hand.
Around the ship, maintenance was constantly being done while in port, but so quietly and  unobtrusively that you almost didn't notice it.  The crew kept the ship clean and sparkling at all times.
A few benches were re-varnished, too.
A favorite adventure on the ship is Pirates Night, where passengers and crew dress up like pirates.  A fabulous show is presented on the main deck followed by a terrific fireworks display.
Our head server, Dwayne got us ready for the show.

At many places around the ship are beverage stands where you could help yourself to soft drinks, tea and coffee, all free of charge.  There is also a self serve ice cream bar, very popular with kids and adults alike.

We enjoyed seeing the various birds that live on the ship.

But what would the cruise be without Captain Mickey?  He, other characters and princesses were found around the ship meeting with kids (and adult kids) to get pictures and autographs.

There is so much to see and do on the Fantasy.  Broadway quality shows, top drawer comedians and first run movies.  Games, activities geared to specific age groups and fabulous pools and hot tubs.  We really enjoyed the cruise and yep, we booked again for another trip on the Fantasy for next January.  I guess we're addicted to Disney cruises.
Next up, St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


  1. I have a pirate costume, so I guess I know where I should go next...

  2. No pictures of you and Marti in your pirate costumes? I protest. Those look like great dining rooms and I know the food must be fabulous. Is it themed to the dining rooms too. They must be giving increasing discounts since you two keep signing up for more. That's what happens to us at WDW, we just keep making reservations at Fort Wilderness. We were just there in January, back again in April before we head north.

    1. There are 12 step programs for addicted people like us! :c)

  3. Ok, we're in. I wanna go :) So much to see!

  4. Gotta do it, life is too short not to especially when you are having fun.

  5. Fantasy seems to have a lot more than Wonder ... the Disney ship we cruised on. Animator's Palate was my favorite.

  6. I try to avoid the ice cream bar for obvious reason:)

  7. Let's face it, you're just kids at heart.

  8. Let's face it, you're just kids at heart.