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Friday, July 7, 2017

Rolling Out In The Home Stretch

We had a good visit with our friends at Crab Orchard NWR.  Because we're on a roll towards home, we didn't tour any of the refuge.  So some of the wildlife came to our site.  In the tradition of my great wildlife photographer friends, Sherry and Nancy, I gave it my best try.

Unfortunately, my best try was somewhat lacking.  All my subjects either fled from me or gave me their best "end" view.

Finally I got close enough to one guy and he "dissed" my pathetic attempt to snap his picture.

I did get one good picture of another sight.  Thankfully this subject stayed still long enough to get a good picture.

A tribute to the many young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) who built many wonderful things for us to enjoy.  This is the Lodge and Restaurant where we went to have a fantastic family style dinner of fried chicken.  No pictures, unlike some people who post amazing pictures of lobster rolls, I chose to eat rather than snap a camera shutter.   :cD

This is located at the Grant City State Park.

We're overnighting at a Flying J just 280 miles from our SC home base.  As usual, with my luck, we hit a big backup several miles from our exit.

 It was really slow going, thank goodness we carry a bathroom with us in the Journey.  I swear many of the other drivers were looking longingly at us, probably regretting that last cup of coffee.  ;c)

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  1. Hi it's Betty Graffis here. My dad was declared 4F for military but served in the CCC's

  2. Love the CCC...they built so many wonderful things!!!

    Hint... don't wear white socks when taking wildlife photos;o))

    Safe Travels...

  3. You didn't tour the refuge? What's your hurry? Love that CCC boy. I love that he seems to be everywhere they were which is a lot of places. What a great program.

  4. The final stretch and you gonna park you wheels again. Sure was a pretty quick tour out wets and back. Ready for another trip soon?

  5. Sounds like the last day was really a short one. Only 280 miles to go. You should have been there by 9 AM and finally you'll be able to rest.