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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Rolling East And A Change Of Plans

We pulled out of the KOA in Cedar City, Utah this morning with a different plan.  That's why we say Semper Gumby (Always Flexible).

Our daughter is working on her second Master's degree, doing it online.  However, she needs to go to Virginia (to the university she is taking the course from) for a week in person.  Because her husband often needs to travel for his job at the drop of a hat, she needs someone to be home with our grandsons.  That is something we love to do, spend time with the boys.  So we need to be back to SC by July 9.  Might take some PDD driving.

I can't complain because my back has been really bothering me.  Motrin is my friend.  It is an old injury that I was told will get worse as I get older.  That prediction is coming true, so I'll need to check in with my doctor when I get back.

With those changes, we still had a wonderful day driving through Utah on I-15 and I-70.  Lot of great scenery, just goes to show that Utah doesn't keep everything in its five National Parks.

We're stopped for the night at a Walmart in Colorado after a 415 mile drive.  Yep getting back in practice for some PDD driving.  I need to visit the hardware department, when we were pulling into a fueling station, my hitch scraped the ground.  No major damage, just the thin, coiled breakaway cable was pinched and broken in half (the cable that pulls the toad brakes on if the toad were to detach from the Journey).

I'll engineer some kind of Rube Goldberg device to take the cable's place until I can get a new one.  It's never good to have your toad pass you on the highway!  :c)

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  1. Good plan to fix that cable for your toad.
    Try and take your time a but and enjoy some scenery along the way.

  2. as you said not good if your toad passes you down the road. Hope you get that issue taken care of.
    Have you tried Physiotherapy. When my aches and pains get to be too much I hit the gym for relief.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Can't believe you actually changed your mind but glad you're learning to. The boys are probably especially happy that you're heading back. Take your time and be safe.

  4. Too bad you won't enjoy the rest of your trip, but nice to be needed at home! :)