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Friday, June 30, 2017

Zion National Park

We should be very grateful to those foresighted people that preserved this amazing natural wonder for us to enjoy all these years later.

I first visited Zion National Park in 1973 while on a cross country motorcycle trip with my dad and one of my brothers.  I was blown away by the rock formations, the colors and the size of the mountains.  It is a cherished memory of mine.  One formation that stood out in my memory was called Checkerboard Mountain.  I looked forward to seeing it again.

Marti and I set out in our car this morning to tour the park.  There would be no hikes on the many trails for us because of my back acting up from an old injury from my Coast Guard days that has been getting worse.  That didn't hold us back from seeing the wonders via our car, the road through the park has many easy off, easy on pull offs.  I just wish my camera would capture the wonders exactly as seen by eye.

The park provides shuttles, or you can drive your car, we even saw many motorhomes rolling on the roads.  The entry cost is steep, $30 per car, less if you bike or walk in.  I'm lucky, we entered for free because I have a service connected disability card.  I'm glad to have it, the bad back, not so much.  ;c)

I'll let the pictures tell the story.  I waded through a couple hundred I took to pull these few out, hopefully to give the flavor of this amazing park.

There is a mile long tunnel build by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) is cut through a mountain.  Along the side of a mountain are openings to provide natural light to the tunnel.

Finally, the long awaited Checkerboard Mountain came into view, just as I remembered it.  

The one word that comes to mind visiting Zion is:  Magnificent!

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  1. Paul jump onto the shuttle. It takes you places that your car is not permitted.

  2. Zion is definitely an amazing park. We loved our visit there too and took hundreds of pictures.

  3. Thanks for the memories!! Isn't Nature AMAZING!!! Safe Travels....

  4. Thanks for takin us along looks like some amazing scenery.

  5. I thought your senior pass would get you into all the parks? Pretty sure that's what we used at Zion. Love your pictures. What a fabulous place. I second the get on the shuttle suggestion.

    1. Didn't need to use it because of my disability card. But we have one as a backup. ;c)

    2. Sherry, besides the Senior card there is also a few free ones, the Military is for active duty military & their dependants, if the service member is away the spouse or dependants can get the card. The Access card is also free, you must have disability papers or the more common route is to sign an affidavit certifing that you are disabled. You can also earn a Volunteer card that is valid 1 year from the time it is punched, I think 150 hours of voluneer time is required.

  6. Thanks for the preview as we've got Zion on our radar now it's just the timing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. We love Zion and it is a park that we will definitely return too. The scenery is breathtaking!

    Yes, a Senior's Pass will get you in free as well or you can also purchase the National Park Pass for $80 and then it lets you into all the National Parks, Monuments and Historical Sites without any additional fee. It is worth it providing you know that you will be going to several of the National Parks/Monuments throughout the year.

  8. Maybe we can get this on our list on the way home from WA.

  9. Yep, Zion is certainly spectacular!