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Monday, June 26, 2017

You Meet The Nicest People In A Hot Tub

It was a hard goodbye to our California granddaughters this morning.  We had a great three weeks with them, their mom and our son Ryan.  It was so handy to have the Journey parked right in their driveway, too.  Easy access to the kids and easy access to our own bed at night.  Sadly, it will be a bit of time before we can visit in person with them again so we'll have to see them via Facetime and Skype.

The flat California scenery soon turned to beautiful mountains as we headed east on I-80.

We were surprised to see snow up on the mountains, and this is late June.  I bet the ski slopes had a great season.

We crossed over into Nevada and headed towards Reno.  Not to gamble, but to stay at a KOA for two nights!  Wow, we really are slowing down.

Even the mountains around the campground are beautiful, too.

We took our tired bums to the hot tub (they have two!) to relax and let the hot water sooth our bones.  Once again, we met nice folks in the hot tub, this time two ladies from Australia, touring the US with their husbands in a couple of rental RVs.  Lots of information shared and more importantly, lots of laughs.  Just one more reason we love hot tubs.

We're staying two nights here at the Boomtown KOA, to relax a bit, do some laundry with our onboard washer and plan our route for our trip home.  We're looking at Zion NP, Arches NP and then head up to South Dakota, maybe even stick our noses up into North Dakota (we've never been there) and over to Minnesota and Wisconsin before dropping down towards the home base in South Carolina.  We'll be in SC for most of July before we hit the road again for a family reunion in upstate New York (my side) then down to PA for another family reunion (Marti's side) and then for a few more weeks in New Jersey with our other granddaughters  Nice to have a house on wheels.

Can't believe we're actually planning that far ahead.  Better hit that hot tub again and "chill out".  :c)

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy summer ahead...lots of great adventures ahead:o)) Safe Travels and Happy Trails......

  2. Do go to N Dakota and see Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It's beautiful. Sounds like wonderful travels except for SC in July :-)

  3. Nice to see you travelling and slowing down a bit to enjoy the scenery ad meeting new people.

  4. So glad you had quality time with family. Safe travels to you two!

  5. As Sherry said visit North Dakota but while you are there take in the show at Medora.

  6. Based on the title was expecting a spicy post:)

  7. You can make an easy run up to ND, and T. Roosevelt NP, lots of Bison and Goofers there. Then over to MN and Wis. Dells......Door County is one of my favorite stops in Wis.