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Friday, June 2, 2017

And The Roughest Road Is...

A toss up between Oklahoma's section of I-40 and Arizona's length of I-40 near Flagstaff.  I'm leaning  more towards AZ because the road was so rough that it made the Anti Lock Brake (ABS) failure warning light illuminate on the dashboard display.  A fine thing to come on just as you are about to descend a 6% grade.  :cO

Now thankfully, with my mechanical background, I knew that the Journey's brakes would still work fine, just the anti-lock feature would not engage (the brake pedal pulsating as the brakes lock and unlocked quickly to prevent a skid on a slippery surface), with the pavement being dry there was no issue.  I just went over in my mind the possibility that one of the ABS sensors found on the back of each brake may have jarred loose.  I planned on checking it out before starting out tomorrow morning.

Luckily, I won't have to, after several engine stops and starts as we stopped for fuel and various other reasons, the light went off.  I'm happy about that and guess maybe a tiny piece of rust was knocked loose off a brake drum with all the bumps and blocked the sensor from reading correctly.  Or the gremlin that was causing the issue was bounced off on an I-40 pothole.  ;c)

With the price of diesel running pretty high in AZ, we kept our eyes "ripped" (thanks for that word, Owie!) for any cheaper offerings.  That caused us to be lost wandering around Flagstaff for the better part of an hour with no bargains found.

We did 359 miles today, even with a late start.  We overnighted at another Walmart and spent some time restocking our larder.  It may have seemed like a long ride, but the scenery was just amazing.

 Mountains looming in the distance.

Beautiful forests of pines in the Kaibab National Forest.

Absolutely amazing rock formations, with all kinds of vibrant colors.  Maybe I should have majored in geology in college instead of criminal justice?

Then there is always another view to bring a smile to your face.

I give the owner a lot of credit, when the roof leaks, just cut it off.  Hey, he does have a mounted spare tire!

Tonight, if you can believe it, we're at a campground in Laughlin, Nevada.  Decided to give the generator a rest and plug into 50 amps.  Sometimes we do break our routine of blacktop boondocking.

Maybe Vegas tomorrow?  Any recommendations on the best casino buffet?

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  1. I vote I-10 Louisiana as worst especially the eastern part.

  2. I think the best buffet for the price is at Main Street Station Casino up near Fremont Street.

  3. I agree with I-40 being the worst rough road, but some wonderful scenery. Glad your ABS fixed itself, nice to have it operational. Sorry no tips for Vegas Buffets enjoy your time there though.

  4. Love the creativity of that RVer but have seen worse.
    I-40 west of Flagstaff caused us some problems this year so it's got my vote.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Flagstaff is one of the most expensive towns in AZ.

  6. When the scenery is beautiful the ride seems to go by quickly!!
    Glad that light went off!!

  7. I just love the desert scenery! Have you guys tried using the 'Gas Buddy' app? It shows the prices of fuel in the area you are in. You can filter for diesel only, and you can put in future cities as well. We use it a lot. Safe travels as you make your way north!

  8. I still am counting the many roads in Newfoundland that rattled my teeth as the worst yet for me:)

  9. I certainly am glad to read about the parts of I 40 and I 10 to avoid if we can ever get west. Lovely pictures of your drive though searching for gas and an ABS concern doesn't seem all that beautiful. Safe travels onward!

  10. I 10 in Louisiana, definitely. Have you tried the Gas Buddy app? I don't know how good it is for diesel, though.