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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Loneliest Highway

I've been waiting for years to check this road off on my Bucket List.  Route 50 across Nevada.  The Loneliest Highway.  Today was the day, we were up early to "pull chocks" and head out to this road.

On the way out of the KOA, we noticed a different type of RV, certainly eye catching.

After a few miles on I-80, we turned on to Route 50.  It did look a bit lonely.

I envisioned it being a long, flat road.  I was wrong.  It had all different kinds of scenery,

as well as mountain roads.  Once we got up into the mountains around the little town of Austin, we hit some of the steepest and twistiest roads we've ever been on.  I took it slow and easy, using the exhaust brake extensively as we crept carefully down the road.  Didn't want to take a trip over the edge of these roads.  No pictures, too busy being careful.  The roads are definitely imprinted in my memory.

What we didn't know was Route 50 is built on the pathway of the Pony Express and Overland Coach road.  There were many signs pointing out stagecoach stops along the way.  People that traveled in a stage coach along what must have been a very bumpy road had to have strong constitutions...and cast iron bladders!

We stopped at one area where a stagecoach/Pony Express station stood.  The foundation of the building still stands, protected by a fence.

It was a nice stop, both scenery and history to take in as we stretched our legs.

Tonight we're blacktop boondocking at a truckstop in Ely, Nevada.  331 miles down.  Tomorrow the plan is to head down to Southern Utah and take in Zion National Park.

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  1. I'm glad you did that route for us. With windy downhill roads, we will for another route. It is amazing the "unique" RVs you can see. We saw a similar one today too. It look like a truck, a van and a 5th wheel. There was some mighty fancy welding done on that rig.

  2. I think you'll enjoy Zion NP (except for the crowds). That was the last place we visited before our forced return back East.

  3. Which would you rather drive..Freeways in Seattle-Portland-S.F. L.A.? Or H/W 50?..I choose Nevada..50..

  4. I had your same idea about route 50. Glad you checked it out and set me straight. Hope you are spending more than 1 day at Zion. Wish all the busiest parks had their type bus system, including Acadia.

  5. We personally like that drive through Nevada. Take our time and just enjoy. Not really holding anybody up when you are doing 20 mph. lol

  6. Yeah, we've avoided route 50 for obvious reasons. Nice somebody else tested it out for us :) You're going to love the southwest. Zion is a favorite!