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Monday, June 5, 2017

Plan B

Another beautiful California morning to travel, our last day on the road to reach our destination.  Only about 250 miles to go, an easy day for us.  Or so we thought.

Traveling North on Route 99, we discovered another candidate for our "Worst Road" competition.  The highway was lined with beautiful flowering bushes on the median.

As nice as the flowers were, we wished California would have spent more on the road surface and less on bushes.

We rattled along the highway, listening to the sounds of dishes rattling in our cupboards and fillings in our teeth loosening as we encountered another interesting California phenomenon: drivers merging onto the highway without even looking to see traffic coming.  Good thing we have air horns on the Journey.

We slowed down or moved over to make room for the merging cars as often as we could, but three times there was no way for us to do either and relied on the horns to waken the merging drivers to our presence.  I guess a large, 40 foot motorhome towing a car is hard to see.  Or maybe I'm just not familiar with California driving styles.  I survived drivers in New York City and Washington, DC, so I think I'll get the hang of it here.

We originally planned on getting a site at the nearby fairgrounds but it turned out they are filled up for the near future, they operate on a first come, first served basis.  When we talked to their office several days ago, they said they didn't anticipate any problem getting a site.  Fortunately our son drove over there late Sunday morning and found them all filled up, giving us a warning.

We looked up a few other campgrounds and found one that fit our needs but wouldn't have an opening until Monday afternoon.  So, on to Plan B.

We are able to fit in our son's driveway and spent the night there.  Later today, we'll be heading to the nearby campground for our stay here visiting the granddaughters.  Let the spoiling begin!  :c)

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  1. So glad you made it safely there to let the spoiling begin. Getting a site is becoming harder and harder. Takes a lot of the fun out of the full time life I think. So many more full timers on the road than when we first began.

  2. We have that same problem--40 foot motorhome pulling a 30 foot trailer and sometimes we have no where to go when someone merges without looking--can get hairy!

  3. It doesn't matter where you are driving it seems those drivers figure they own the road but if you look real close you will see most of them are busy Texting while they drive. Even though it is illegal they still do it.
    Our air horns aren't as loud as your's but I know they work.
    Enjoy the Spoiling and Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  4. The bushes in the median are Oleanders and have been there for at least 50 years. The road surfaces are indeed awful.

  5. Well arrived and done so safely!! As for bad roads, PA sure needs some assistance...ugh!! Hope you have a fantastic time with those grand-daughters!!!

  6. Yup, Oleanders, highly toxic too :) Surprised you didn't take Highway 5? Of course we're just sad you didn't take highway 101 and say hi to us. Hopefully we may get a chance to get together before you leave this wonderful state. :)

  7. Your Plan B looks pretty nice!!
    I hate the entrance ramps onto interstates even driving a car or truck without towing or in a MH. These folks don't realize you can't just jump over to the other lane that easily. Glad you arrived safely!!

  8. Roads seem to be in bad shape no matter where you go anymore. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Merging (or not merging as the case may be) scare me more than just about anything. Nobody pays attention any more.

  9. Thats a real bonus being able to fit into the driveway. Not too many places can accommodate a big rig like that.

  10. I don't know why it is but some drivers never look at the lane they are merging into until it's time to do it. That's no fun at all. Enjoy the time and enjoy the spoiling.

  11. For CA, small missle launcher in the front would be the best solution:)

  12. I remember driving north on 99 and how bad it was with stuff rattling in the RV. Now if we do it in the fifth wheel it will be nice and quiet. Although we could be in for a surprise when we arrive at our destination.