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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Searching For Elvis

Vegas, Baby!  We crossed into Nevada and headed for La s Vegas, a short drive of 99 miles from our starting point in Bullhead City.  We decided to a bit of a rest day and have a bit of fun.

We pulled into the Circus Circus RV Park, a place where we stayed back in 2002.  It is basically a parking lot and it hasn't changed at all in all the passing years.

We took a swim in the RV park's pool and parked our tired bods in the hot tub, can't pass up a hot tub, even in the desert.

We enjoyed looking at all the sights and casinos that line the Las Vegas Strip.

At night it simply glows with all the lights and neon, a feast for your eyes.

The amount of electricity powering all the lights is staggering.  That's why you see out in the desert large solar panel farms,

and solar mirror farms, where thousands of mirrors beam sunlight to a tower where heat boils water that powers a generator producing megawatts of electricity.

We got some coupons for a great discount on a buffet in the Treasure Island casino and discount tickets to the Blue Man Group comedy show in the Luxor casino.  We've seen that show twice before and enjoyed this show just as much.  It's a must see if you ever get the chance.

Inside the Luxor casino, it is themed like an Egyptian pyramid.  Lots of interesting decorations all though the casino.

Today we left around 10 am with all our money in our pockets, we didn't gamble even a penny in the casinos, we left that for all the thousands of other people to do.  As hard as we looked, we didn't se Elvis anywhere.  Maybe he's on vacation?

 We headed out on I-15 and drove up a long steep section of the highway.  For the very first time that we've owned the Journey (ten years now) the temperature gauge started to climb as we went up in elevation.  I carefully drove, keeping the RPMs of the engine up and shifting so the engine stayed in the power band and wasn't lugged.

Once we crested the long hill, the engine temps went right back to normal.  I would have pulled over if the engine temp got too high but never had to with careful driving.

298 miles driven today, overnighting at a Flying J in Bakersfield, CA.  Topped of my fuel tank with B20 diesel fuel, not crazy about that but since I almost always fuel at a half tank, the remaining fuel should dilute the biodiesel fuel and not cause any power issues.

One more day on the road tomorrow and we'll be arriving at our destination, about 250 miles to go.  Looking forward to seeing the granddaughters.  :c)

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  1. It IS a glitzy city!! Lots and lots of lights!! Sorry Elvis was on vacation though....tough break!
    Next!! Drive safely!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed you time there. we went to Vegas in 2006 maybe go back, maybe not. Enjoy your family time.

  3. Paul we've found that fueling in the western states means that you'll almost always get a mix of biodiesel. We've see anywhere from 5-20%. We filled today near El Paso, TX and the FJ mix was 10%.

  4. Did you get to hear the SCREAMS from the top of the S. Tower which overlooks the CC RV park?
    We 9 years lightning even hit it one night.

  5. We've spent a lot of time in Vegas because we have good friends there. But we don't even go down to the strip anymore. Have a great time with the family.

  6. Never been to Vegas, no desire to go. Glad you had fun. What do you think caused the journey to heat more than in the past? Glad you know what to do to keep it in the safe range. Journey safely on!!

    1. I forgot to mention it was 102*F out and the steep, steep road was about 15 miles long. A hard pull on a very hot day.

  7. I think Vegas is fun. The casinos are an adventure in themselves. You can spend a whole vacation just touring them. What fun but too bad Elvis wasn't playing. However, I heard he's no longer really around. Who knows.

  8. Oh yeah, that grade is rough in the heat. We've had to crank up the heat to pull the heat off the engine. Pulled over to cool off a couple of times.

  9. We only visited Vegas because our daughter was stationed there, not likely to return??