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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Clock is Ticking

Time flies when you're having fun.  Or life passes by quickly.  We keep track of time by clocks, calenders, project completions and milestones.  We saw a couple of milestones this week, including a.
major milestone today that I hit today. 

Marti got a phone call this week from our grandson, Owen.

He was so proud that he's learned to use the potty and is now wearing Big Boy undies.  A milestone he's crossed and he's happy (and so are his mommy and more diapers to buy).

We got the dining room painting finished this week.  That's four rooms done and five more to go.

The leaves are turning colors and starting to drop, the mornings have a little cool nip to them.  The clock is ticking on my most un-favorite RV maintenance issue.  Having to winterize the Journey.  Usually weather here in Northern Virginia is mild enough that I can wait until after Thanksgiving to do the deed, but then we can't get too much weekend camping in.  We'll still use the Journey but bring drinking water and extra RV antifreeze to flush the toilet.  Showers and dish washing are out.

But the biggest milestone I crossed today.  On my commute home, I stopped to get a small soda pick-me-up.

The young lady at the counter said, "Fifty three cents, please".  I said that she made a mistake, a small soda was $1.09.  She politely said, "No sir, that's the price for a SENIOR SODA".

Another milestone, one I'm not too sure I'm happy to have arrived at. ;c)

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  1. George being 60 gets some nifty senior discounts. I'm only 53, and so far (thank God, or not!) have never been given a senior discount. It's nice at the movies, much cheaper tickets!

  2. just think of the money you will save!!

  3. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I love gray hair.


  4. Cheaper to get in the movies, just don't buy the snacks. Large popcorn and drink yesterday were 13.95, and they didn't even feel embrassed about it. But did not make the purchase.

  5. Congratulations (I think) on the milestone!