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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mad Dash to the Campground

It was a long day.  Marti left for her office before 4 am, to do a quality control check on her night shift.  I got up shortly after that, seems Zoe, the Wonder Dog was out on the back porch barking (as in I wonder what she's barking at this time).  I had to quickly bring her in before she woke up the little kids next door.

A typical "Groundhog Day" work experience for me (remember that movie?) and Marti put in another marathon day.  I made a made dash home, all 165 miles and went straight to the storage lot to break out the Journey.  Our storage lot is on the grounds of the same regional park that the campground is at, so it was only a quick jaunt to our site.  I set up the Journey, then booked out to meet Marti for a fast fillet of Chik, then back to the campground.

It'll be nice to get to the point where we live in the Journey full time.  Now it's time to kick back and Zzzzzzzzzz.

PS:  Thanks to all who comiserated with me over my commute.  It is insane.  I have a two year old car with over 118,000 miles on it already.  It was only supposed to be a year, or two at the most then we were going to full time.  Our plans went out the window along with the housing market, so we're dragging along for a few more months.  When you're in the military, you go where they send you and I've got no reason to complain, there are many brave men and women sleeping in foxholes tonight, far away from home.   It's a small issue for me to drive those hours to sleep in my own bed and see my bonnie bride every day.

Better post tomorrow, I promise!


  1. Wow, 165 miles each way! You made my day, I will never complain about my 150 mile round trip commute each day! I guess it is a matter of perspective. BTW, enjoy your blog, keep up the great work...... G

  2. I think that shows dedication to your job and love for your wife all in one. I have a 1995 Miata that I have driven to work since it was new...only 117,000 miles. I'll tear up when we sell it next summer. Enjoy your week end!