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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Second Thoughts about Full Time RV Travel?

The day dawned to beautiful weather at the Lunga Park campground.  The sun was shining and the temperature was absolutely gorgeous.  I cooked breakfast for Marti, she had a good nights sleep for a change.

We had met a nice couple at the campground yesterday, an airline pilot and his wife, who had purchased a beautiful Monaco Diplomat motorhome.  As we chatted, we talked about our plans to sell the house next spring and hit the road full time.

They were shocked at our plans and he said "That's a pretty gutsy idea".  We finished our chat and I periodically thought about that comment throughout the evening.  Marti and I talked about it a bit.  Are we making a mistake?  Should we re-think everything?  Would we regret our decision to sell our beautiful home and become Nomads, traveling to who knows where?

Marti took Zoe the Wonder Dog for a walk along the beautiful lake.

The campground is so big and private, Zoe even got a rare chance to be off her leash and explore the lake on her own.

The lake had some fishermen on it, they moved from spot to spot but the fish didn't seem to be biting.

I took a walk around with my camera.  This was our site.

It was nicely shaded, so I had to put up the portable satellite dish. 

I pulled out the recliners and sat down to enjoy the views and soak up some Vitamin D.

I thought again about the pilot's comments.  Gutsy?  Yes, to some, but being able to stay at places like this without any time restraints or pressing schedules, and being able to wander the country with the love of my life, Marti.

I can't wait!   ;c)

On the way home, after we dropped off the Journey at the storage lot, we swung by Walmart to pick up some Halloween candy.  Parked in the store's lot, was this fifth wheel trailer.  People who abuse the Walmart generosity for RV's to park overnight, for some rest, will ruin it for everybody.

This guy took up TEN parking spaces with his trailer, jacks down, with every slide out  and he obviously was out somewhere with his tow vehicle.  Some people just don't care. GRRR!

For you folks that have requested the picture of Marti's assistant, Brittany dressed up like Marti last Halloween, here it is:

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  1. follow your is full of 'naysayers'..we are behind you in our dreams too!!..
    as for the walmart parker?..grr..I don't mind seeing them in the parking lots as long as they are leaving some money in the stores!

  2. Paul, I understand your being sparked into thinking about your plans when someone hints that they think you're nutty for your plans. They think you're nutty because what you're planning isn't their cup of tea. Living in an RV isn't right for everyone. I would never have thought I could be happy sharing a 29-foot fifth wheel trailer with two dogs and a husband for over a year. But we have done better than fine. I would love love to be traveling about at our own leisure endlessly. We now chose to be confined by our plan to relocate to California from Arizona via campground hosting gigs. But this past year has made me know that I would love traveling around the continent as a full-time RVer. Hey, if you have it figured out how you will afford it and you've at least a backup plan for how you can re-enter the world of home and yard if needed, you're set. Sounds as though you already know that though. Here's to you and the love of your life, and oh, to Zoe too.

  3. We have been told the same thing and worse from many people...but we still feel good about our decision to live this lifestyle. We are not well off as you guys are but we wouldn't change our decision for anything.

    Don't let the naysayers get to you...follow your heart and it will lead you.

  4. Everybody has to do what makes them HAPPY...

    I believe many people live in fear. Those people find potential problems with everything. They miss many wonderful things because they worry about what could go wrong instead of what could go right. Your blog today points out what can go RIGHT!!

    We can't wait...we full-timed once and know there are good points and not so good points, but the good out-weighs the bad in our book!!

    Now, if only we could get this house sold...

  5. Even thought there are supposed to be a million people fulltime RVing, you are bound to run into a lot of people who just don't understand the concept! Thanks for the Brittany picture - it's great!

  6. Yeah, you have to get used to the reactions you get. It seems to be one of two extremes - either "Wow! I want to do that" or a look of horror. It's not for everyone.