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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday Boy

Hi, this is Owie writing tonight.  Pa said he's so tired from working on his house that he'd let me take over and give him a break.

Mimi and Pa drove down to my house in South Carolina for the weekend.  Today is Saturday, it is my birthday and I'm four years old.  Pa said that Mimi was getting a little worried about if it was the right thing for them to sell their house after all the work they've done on it.  Mimi wondered if living in their motorhome was a wise choice. They discussed the pros and cons, whatever they are, for a lot of their eight hour drive to my house.

But once they got here on Friday and I jumped in Mimi's arms, she knew it was the right choice.  She'll be able to visit me anytime and stay around as long as they want.


There is nothing better than a Mimi hug (except my Mommy's hugs)!

So today we had a very busy day.  It started with my favorite breakfast, pancakes made by Daddy.  I had a special pancake, it had a birthday candle in it.

After breakfast, I opened some presents from my family.

I got some neat things.  One was a telescope but I had a hard time seeing through it until I figured out a way to close my one eye.

Mommy dressed me in a new outfit that was one of my presents and we went to watch my big brother Andrew play in a baseball game.

Andrew got up twice and got on base both times.  He even scored a run!

After the game, I had a birthday party at our community pool.  Lots of my friends came and we had pizza.

I swam a lot in the pool and played with Pa.  He was able to throw me high up in the air and then I'd come down with a big splash!

The pizza was good but I liked the cupcakes the best!

After the party, we came home for a while and I played with some of my new toys.  Before I knew it, it was suppertime so we went to my favorite place to eat, the Japanese restaurant near my house.  The cook made an onion volcano right in front of me.

Mommy told the server it was my birthday and I got a candle in my sherbet desert.  I blew it out on my first try!

When you eat at this Japanese restaurant on your birthday, you get to hit the birthday gong. It's supposed to give you good luck.  I hit it so fast Pa said his camera couldn't keep up with my swing.

We still had things to do today, so after dinner we went to the movies and saw the new Disney film Cars 2.

It was really good and we all laughed a lot. 

It was a fun day, but I'm glad birthdays only come once a year, 'cause it wore me out!


  1. happy birthday, Owie!!..such a big boy being able to use the computer!!!..looks like you had a great day!!!

  2. Owie this is a great blog and it looks like you had a fabulous birthday. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    I'm glad your Mimi isn't having second thoughts. She'll love being able to go anywhere she wants ALL the time.

  3. Oh boy Owie, does that ever look like a fun day!! Happy birthday!!!

    We're glad Mimi isn't having second thoughts too because we're looking forward to seeing her and Pa out on the road.

  4. Wow Owie...that was some birthday.

    Thanks for giving Mimi such a special hug...we want them to have time to spend with you guys more often and come visit with their RV friends too;0))

    Sometimes it is a mental struggle for grownups to figure it all out!!

  5. Owie, Happy looks like you had a great (and tiring) one!

  6. Happy Birthday and Wow what a Birthday it was. Looks like you had a great time!!!

  7. What a fun day! Not sure who should be more tired, Owie or Mimi & Pa :)

  8. Happy Birthday-looks like you had a great day!

  9. Oh, how cute you are, Owie! I really love the picture of you with the telescope.