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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sometimes Things Work Out For The Best

Back in January, we started on the road to putting the house on the market.  Marti and I met with our Realtor friends, the market was "iffy" (read dead) at best due to the economy and real estate troubles.

In our discussions, we took our Realtor's advice and started the painting, de-cluttering and repairs and hoped that not only would we be able to sell the house, but hoped to get somewhat of a profit on our investment.  Our target date for putting the house on the market was mid-March.

Well, if you've been following our adventures, you remember that Marti broke her ankle around the end of January and our house upgrades slowed to a crawl.

As we've talked about before, we've been working hard lately, with our efforts in overdrive to get caught up, trying to get on the curve of the springtime housing sales.  There were some delays, the counter top material being back ordered for several weeks along with trying to juggle house upgrades and careers.

The last major project was to get the kitchen floor redone.  The old linoleum had to go.

We picked out new laminate flooring at, where else?  Lowe's and had it installed this past week.

We have now just about wrapped everything up so we had the Realtors come over again to get the paperwork started for putting the house on the market.  They were very impressed with everything we've done, including the new flooring.  With their Realtor's eye, they pointed out a couple of items we'll need to address, yes, they require more painting. 

However, the real estate market has picked up in our area, houses are moving pretty well.  The best part is our house will go on the market on Friday, 17 June and will list for much more than if we had put it up for sale back last March like we originally planned to do.  With that extra cash, we might be able to fill the Journey with diesel maybe two or three times... ;c)

Sometimes things work out for the best, for that kind of additional profit, I'd do the painting all over again! (must be the paint fumes talking).

Tomorrow we're taking the day off.  We need a breather before I pick up the paintbrush one more time.

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  1. I should have bought Lowe's stock...

  2. It is always nice when hard work is rewarded.

  3. can't wait to hear from the 'paint brush' again!!

  4. Love it when a plan comes together;o))

    Glad to hear the real estate market has picked up in your area. Hope you sell it in a flash!!

  5. Hope your home sells fast. You really put a lot of work into getting it ready for the next owner to enjoy. Now relax a little, maybe take a camping weekend.

  6. Glad the market is getting better, we went through this last year and were lucky to sell our home to my Nephew, which works out great since we still get to stop by and plug in once in a while!
    The kitchen looks great!
    Full Time Road Warriors

  7. How cool is that that your market is better now than if you'd listed in March? Everything happens for a reason.

    You've got great taste in kitchen flooring. Ironically, it's very simiar to what we put down in our kitchen.

    Enjoy your day off. You deserve it!

  8. That is great news. Hope your work pays off

  9. Kitchen looks great. A day off is a great idea given how hard you guys have been working.

    Sounds like your time and money will pay off. Glad to hear it. But I'll bet Lowe's will show a 2nd quarter decline in profits. :-)


  10. Things are falling into place. Excellent! I bet your house will be snapped up just like that! Hope you have a very great day off. Take care...and thanks as always for stopping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and saying hello.