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Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Sick of Pink!

Lowe's advertises they have a paint that will cover any darker color in one coat.  Don't believe it.  It doesn't work.

How do I know?  I tried it.

Let me 'splain (to quote Ricky Ricardo).

In our master bedroom, we had trim and the three windows and frames painted pink.  It was that way when we bought the house.  I never minded it, I actually thought it looked fine.  (I guess I must be in touch with my feminine side - lol).  The previous homeowner must have painted it pink.

Well, my realtor didn't like it at all.  He made quite a fuss over it.  Actually, he hated it. (He's of the generation that never heard of a guy's feminine side).  He insisted it had to be neutral white colors.  So I took his suggestion (marching orders) and got busy.

Of course, we just had the carpet replaced in the entire house, including the master bedroom.  I had moved all the furniture out to do that job and reinstalled it.  Guess what had to be moved to paint the trim?  Plus with the new carpet, I had to be extra (EXTRA) careful not to get paint on it.  I used painters tape and a putty knife to tuck the tape under the trim to ensure no paint got on the new carpet.

Then the fun began.  It took not one, not two but three coats of paint to cover the pink (and it wasn't even hot pink).  I spent one whole day just painting the trim along the floor, over the entry door, the two closets and the door to the bathroom.  By the time I was done with all that, my knees were rubbed raw from crawling around (note to self: don't wear shorts when crawling around on the floor all day).

It took another whole day to tape and paint the windows and window frames, all three coats.  I spent two hours in my garage painting the wooden window inserts ( that make the windows look like they are made up of many small panes of glass) in over 100 degree heat.  It was so hot my paint brush dried out and I had to get a new one to finish that part of the job.

Lastly, the original pink window shades had to go.  Off to Lowe's, of course the shades were not normal size but had to be specially cut to fit.  I took two of the three shades (different sizes) to match up, the Lowe's window covering lady took one look and told me they didn't carry pink, to which I replied, "Thank Heaven!"

A mere $70 later, I had new WHITE shades custom made and quickly installed them.  I stepped back to admire my work and thought it looked pretty good, maybe the realtor knew what he's talking about.
Hopefully, no matter how much I may be in touch with my feminine side, I never, ever have to paint over pink again!

I also realized that the money we've spent at Lowe's is fast approaching what we spent to buy the Journey...

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  1. sorry but I would have to agree with the molding?..after all the work you have done with Mr.Paintbrush!..whats a few more hours or days!..soon you will be done!!..and you will be wondering what to do with all your spare time!!??

  2. That's surprising that pink had to be covered that many times. We had a burgandy wall and it only took 2 coats. ummmm

    It's almost over, hang in there. I sure do love the blogs, brings back memories that seems so long ago.

  3. Too Funny!!! It's amazing how very few things seem to work as advertised. I feel your pain, we had to paint over dark red walls when we sold our house.....never again.

    Hang in there baby....Fridays coming!!!

  4. You know what's going to happen...the buyers....will walk into the room...and say "this will make a nice nursery...maybe we should paint it PINK" :)

  5. I know what you mean. My first house had a pink bathroom. I never thought it would take so long to paint tiny bathroom but it took 2-3 coats. Hang in there :)

  6. I am just wondering if you two are really going to want to sell after so much work has been done to your beautiful home.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  7. I think potential buyers have more imagination than the realtor is giving them credit for! They can figure out that they can change something they don't like!

  8. I used to work in a paint department at a hardware store, red, (pink) is the hardest to cover because the natural pigments tend to bleed through.
    I have found the best advice for painting is to use "Kilz" as a primer and then use Sherwin Williams paints. Once you try their products, you will never paint with anything else again.
    I have a pink room story, I had my Son's bedroom to paint, it was printed gypsum board, so I primed with tow layers of Kilz and then used Sherwin Williams paint antique yellow, then went on to installing a beautiful heritage print carpet remnant and velvet look floor to ceiling drapery. It was elegant, to say the least and made a great office for me.
    I rented my home for two years before I sold it to full time, imagine my horror when I returned to my property for the inspection and found they had painted the room pink and put a terrible Winnie the Pooh" border around it, complete with matching curtains!
    My curtains had been thrown out, along with my carpet...I was more than a little upset, but I got over it once the place sold, with "Winnie" still laughing at me from the walls.
    Full Time Road Warriors

  9. Let's hope this was Mr. Paintbrush's LAST job!!!

  10. Paul...this painting things seems to be going on a little too LONG!!

    As your blogging buddies, we are concerned and want to do what is best to get you through this difficult time;o))

    Could it be you are now addicted to the paint fumes????

    Is it time for us to have an INTERVENTION???

    Perhaps we need to capture and remove Mr. Paintbrush from the premises!! He seems to be an enabler to this addiction;o))

    Just know we care and we are here for you :o))))))

  11. I'm just praying that you don't have a Bill Mill's former realtor clone giving you advice.

    Please evict Mr. Paintbrush. You two are becoming co-dependent. :-)