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Monday, June 20, 2011

You Know Who Your Friends Are

Especially when you come to visit and they've baked you your favorite pie...Cherry!

Marti and I have pretty much finished everything major on our house prep.  A few really small things remain, but we're taking care of them every day, a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  We've listed the house as of June 14.  So now it's the waiting game and relying on our realtors to work their magic.  If you're interested, you can view our listing here.

We needed a break, so we loaded up the Journey and headed on down to the Ashland, VA KOA and set up.

We normally don't use KOA's because they are so expensive, but this was a special visit.  Our good friends and RV-Dreams buddies, Mike and Terri are staying here (at a very good monthly rate) while waiting for their nearby house to close, yep, they've got a buyer! 

Terri worked her magic with her convection oven in their Excel fifth wheel and baked us a delicious cherry pie.  Now we'll have to visit more often.

We had a great weekend talking RV, comparing notes and sharing suggestions on fulltime issues.  Plus we had some great meals together.  It was a real shot in the arm for us, they've been such an encouragement to us as we follow them in transitioning to the fulltime life.

One other important note, this was the first trip in the Journey for our new traveling companion, who we have named "Tag", in honor of the tag sewn on his bottom (with the washing instructions).

He sat quietly on the dash and behaved so well we almost forgot he was there.  We're looking forward to many happy miles with Tag in the Journey as we travel the country. ;c)

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  1. There is something in the air...cherry pie is everywhere!! Check out Sherry and David's site from a day ago;o)) Can't wait to see all these folks out on the road, my favorite is CHERRY PIE:o))

    Glad you got the house listed and we hope is moves along real fast.

    Enjoy the journey.........

  2. House is beautiful, it should show really well! Tag is a perfect name :)
    So cool that you are getting close to Mike & Terri..they are great people!

  3. Isn't it great to meet fellow bloggers and after all the work you guys deserve a break. Glad Tags enjoying the ride.

  4. Tag is adorable and looks so "trouble free" sitting there :)

    I knew as soon as I saw that pie that Terri had baked it :) She's getting quite a reputation! She could probably do well as a mobile baker :)

    Hope your home sells super quick. It's beautiful.

  5. the worst part is waiting for that buyer...

  6. welcome to blogville Tag!!..hope you got some the cherry pie!!!

  7. We had a great time as always -- you guys are the best!

  8. Now that is a gathering I'm really sorry to have missed. But maybe we were eating cherry pie together at the same time in two differnt locations :-)))

    Get out here on the road. Duckie wants to see Tag. He doesn't chase ducks does he??

    BTW, did you see the Best Friends Beagle?? BOY was I tempted.

  9. Yes, now comes the waiting. I hope it's not too long. A few days away with friends in the RV is a good way to relax.
    Congratulations to Mike and Terri on getting that offer!

  10. Just remember, it only takes ONE buyer and you'll be posting S O L D!
    Cherry pie? Yumalicious!

  11. Ohhh, I know about that cherry pie, Terri is the best. That's probably a good idea for on the road making money. Sell those delicious pies!!! It would work great for us that can't figure out how to get that crust to brown in a convection oven.

    Congrats on getting the house up on the market. It should sell really fast, looks great on the webpage.

    See you soon in a nearby park.