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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Elephants, Tigers And Bears…Oh My!

Another day, not wanting to sit still, we found that the local Shriners were holding a circus to raise funds to support the wonderful Shriners Hospitals.  How could we not go and help support such a worthy cause?

We gathered up Andrew and Owie and set off to take them to see their very first circus.  It was not a Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey sized event, but it was really a good time for everybody but one poor guy.  Keep reading.

There were these clowns walking around before the start of the show.




Marti was giving them a serious eyeballing.  I hope she’s not thinking of trading me in for a real clown…

There were some amazing tigers doing some cool feats.  They even had a rare, white tiger.


I never saw a tiger tight rope walk before, but I did tonight.


Even a jump through a flaming hoop.


How do they train tigers to do these tricks?  I couldn’t even train my dog to “sit”.

How about being launched from a swing?  I did this as a kid, this feat was a little higher than what I did.


They had some really cute, trained poodles.  Conga line, anyone?


I had to look closely to see if that was Rick riding the scooter…I’m not really sure.


Bears were there doing some great tricks, too.  Unfortunately, they were too far away to get good action shots. :c(


Then the real stars of the show came out.  They saved the best for last…the elephants!



Here is the one guy that didn’t really enjoy the show.  One of the elephants started to…poop!  The poor guy had to run out with a big bucket and catch the elephant’s business.  At every drop (and there were quite a few), the crowd went “Eeewww!”  How’d you like to have that job?


The show lasted about two hours.  It was worth it all, for kids young and old.


And of course…

        THE END!


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  1. Marti should be satisfied with the clown she's got. Hard to do better.

  2. The 2nd elephant butt End I've seen today! Looks like great fun.

  3. So, how did the kids enjoy their first circus?

  4. Haven't been to a circus since I was a kid ... sounds like you had a good time ... but I want to know the answer to the question Karen and Al asked.

  5. If horses drop apples, what do elephants drop?? Coconuts?? :)

  6. Love the circus!.
    Irs been a long time thanks for all the great pics!

  7. Looks like all of you had a marvelous time. I don't know how to train those animals either. However, my cousin used to train animals for Disney. He was a trainer for The Bear. We had it visit in my folks' driveway on the way to and from the movie. Duchess sits, eats, sleeps and even poops ... not necessarily on command though.

  8. Man, you brought back some wonderful memories. Haven't been to the circus in about 20 years. I'm not a big clown fan - don't have a fear of them - but never thought they were very funny. Even when I was little. But the trained animals always amazed me. And it appears the elephants have the poop guy well trained.

  9. I can't ride scooters but I know a clown when I see one (or three)! That first clown pic is definitely you Paul - no amount of greasepaint can hide that.

    Great circus pics, Bozo!!

  10. Not fond of circuses..still don't like least the painted versions :)

  11. Now that is a real pooper scooper! Which clown were you again:)

  12. What fun! Thanks for the great pics====
    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  13. Love that smile on Marti's face. I bet you all had a good time!

  14. That's quite a circus for a local Shriner's. I bet the little guys loved it.