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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Generations that is.  My dad stopped in to visit with us at our South Carolina “home” for a couple of days before continuing on his trip from his house in New Jersey to visit his brother in Florida.  We got a nice picture of our four generations together.


It was about the half way point in his drive to Florida.  A nice breaking point.  We had a great time with him.  Andrew and Owen taught him some new games.


Here we are playing Candy Land.  Guess who won?


It was me, for a change.  After regularly getting smoked by Andrew in chess and Owie in checkers,


it was nice to taste victory for once.  Maybe Candy Land is a game on my level?

Dad was introduced to the game that has become a family addiction: Bananagrams. He liked it so much, he went out and bought the game for himself. 


Dad is a linguist and taught Greek and Hebrew in college for many years.  The boys latched on to him and learned to speak and write a little Hebrew from their great grandfather.


We’ll see him when he drives back through in a week or two.  He has a new car on order.  Yes, he is replacing his red Pontiac convertible with another car, a Mazda Miata convertible.  He is 91 and we are all wondering when he is going to grow up and act his age… ;c)

Andrew and I got to spend some time working on his birthday present from us, the Visible V-8 engine model.  He is fascinated by how things work and proud of the progress he’s made so far, almost finished with the engine block.


I’m still waiting on that eye appointment from the VA.  We’re seriously considering to ditch their “help” and having me get the surgery on the outside civilian world.  We’ve already been sitting for almost three months, we’ll be here for sure another month.

It’s not good for an RV to sit in one place too long.


Plus, I’m afraid I’ll lose my PDD touch if we stay in one place too much longer!

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  1. Your Dad is amazing to be doing all that driving (guess it runs in the family) and ordering a new convertible at his age. Good for him!

    Can't you use Tricare for your surgery?

    1. Yes, I can. I am eligable for free treatment at the VA so we thought it would be better to go that route than pay the Tricare deductable and co-pay.

      Now that seems to be the better idea because the Journey's tires have developed some seious flat spots and need to roll!

  2. Kids can learn so much from the 'generations'...

  3. Was SC your dad's first stop along the way? If so, then we have a sneaking suspicion that PDD must be an inherited disorder.

    Congrats on that Candy Land victory! ;-)

  4. Nice seeing the four generations together, and that your Dad is out there enjoying life to the fullest. The Visible V8 was one of my favorite models that I assembled with my Dad as a kid. Sure that Andrew will remember his time assembling it with you for many many years. I still have mine in storage. Hope you can get your eye done soon. Have a great Sunday!

  5. What a great experience you the boys and your dad.....and for you! I love Candy's been along time since I played! Our friend from home waited for a year and half for knee surgery through the VA.

    Andrew looks quite proud of himself indeed! Way to go Grandad!

  6. You dad has the right concept, growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional.

  7. Your dad sounds like a very special and fun guy. Enjoy your time with him.

  8. I remember the game Candy Land as a kid. WOW that game is timeless.

  9. I always liked Candyland because there's no skill involved. :-D I think your Dad might look even younger than my Dad and likes to drive just as much.

  10. I hope dad never grows up!!! I dont' ever plan to...your dad looks fantastic...hope you get those medical appts straightened out soon!!! enjoy those grands..they grow up soooo fast...

  11. you win some and lose some but time well spent with your Dad is priceless!

  12. What a great thing to be able to spend more time with your dad, your kids and your grandkids. I think you live in the best of all worlds.

  13. I just love your dad. You will be just like him, driving your journey at 91. Or maybe your new Prevost !!

    Miata is my FAVORITE car. Red did you say?? Can I meet him in Florida for a ride??

  14. Candy Land sounds like a game where whoever eats the most candy wins - no wonder you won!

    Your Dad seems to be a great guy and full of life - so, what happened to you?

  15. Fantastic! Your father is an inspiration :-)

  16. Yes, my 92-year old father has a Triumph Spitfire! I think they should get together.

  17. Hope all goes well and that you can soon get on the road again!

  18. What a great 4 generation photo!

    Your dad is living life as it was meant to be lived. I hope he enjoys many years driving his Miata!

  19. VA was nice, but when they told me, "to take Advil and learn to live with it." I went to Tricare and never looked back. It's not as bad as it appears.