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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Strange Thing At Andrew’s Birthday Dinner

Yep.  We feel old, really old.  Today is our grandson, Andrew’s ninth birthday.  Seems like just the other day we rushed down from our Virginia home to Charleston, South Carolina, where he was born.
I remember holding his tiny body in one hand.  Can’t do that anymore, he’d break my arm.

Andrew received some nice birthday gifts, including a new Skylanders figure.  What is that?  I didn’t know either until he gave me the low down.



Skylanders are a new kind of video game where you get these funny looking characters, place them on a little pedestal and the character comes to life in a video game on your TV via a wireless hookup.  There are a bunch of different characters, each with its own personality and powers that go on adventures in the game.  Two players can play at the same time using separate characters.

The boys have accrued quite a collection, between Christmas, birthdays and saving up their allowances.  Technology is amazing. 

Of course, I bought him an old school present.  A model of a V-8 car engine that we’re going to build together.  About time I started teaching him some basic mechanics.  ;c)


Owie had to help Andrew try out some new Star Wars Light Sabers.


Andrew requested we go to his (our) favorite Japanese restaurant for for his birthday dinner.  The restaurant has a tradition for birthday visitors, you get to rub Buddha's belly, make a wish and then hit the gong.  Andrew hit the gong like he was trying to hit a home run.  :cO


We had a great meal, the chef scared Marti with a big fire.



Mimi Marti enjoyed a good time with her grandsons.



The chef was amazing, not only was he a fantastic cook, he had a great sense of humor.  He opened up and told us a little about himself.  He wasn’t born in the United States, he came from another country, (not Japan).  As he cooked, his hands were a blur.  I found that interesting that he could whip the utensils and food around, but said he was glad to get the job here.  He previously tried to be a hamburger cook at Five Guys, but they turned him down.

He looked familiar to me but I just couldn’t place where I knew him from.  It was very strange.  Maybe it’ll come to me?

rick chef copy_thumb[1][1]

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  1. Looks like a great birthday! You feel old-well-because you are:)

  2. Hey, that looks like that Quilt Shop Chauffeur guy don't you think?

  3. Amazing that your chef came all the way across the country from his last gig to cook for you. I wonder if he gets mileage.

  4. Darn snowbacks stealing all the good jobs.

  5. I just love Hibachi :) Very cool to get him a visible engine to work on. My Dad did the same for me when I was the tomboy :)

  6. I think immigration needs to check that guy to see if he has a green card.

  7. Did he have two dogs running around his feet?

  8. Those little kids do grow up. Yours will continue to grow and they'll continue to remember all the wonderful memories you've been making with them. Our youngest grandchild has a birthday this next week too but she'll be 16. They do grow up fast.

  9. I thought that guy was trying to get on the In-n-Out Burger owner's good side so he could work for her.

  10. Happy birthday Andrew! Yesterday was our youngest grandson's 10th BD. Time sure has a way of getting away from us.

    I don't think I would trust that chef - he looks too much like a chauffeur I used to know.

  11. Happy Birthday to Andrew! Looks like he had an awesome birthday celebration (love the look on Marti's face from the fire at the restaurant!), and got some great gifts (great idea, Paul, to teach him about mechanics in a fun way!).

  12. That looks like a pretty cool game. Looks like Andrew had a great birthday.

  13. You had better let us know the name of that restaurant so we don't go there for chopped up burgers!

  14. Don't know about that chef, he looks kinda like a shady character.

  15. Enjoy your grandkids...they do grow up fast. Our oldest granddaughter just turned 17!

    I believe that is Chef famous burger flipper! Guess it didn't work out at In-N-Out like he had hoped!

  16. Happy Birthday, Andrew. I was delighted to be able to jet across the country to prepare a great meal for you. It was a real pleasure.

    The only thing I regret is that you were watching me closely as I tossed my razor sharp knives in the air because I was waiting for an opportunity to quickly give your Grandpa a quick "haircut and a shave"!


  17. Happy Birthday Andrew! Glad I could see your cool party with that awesome chef. That second picture of you and Mimi Marti is terrific!

  18. I just love the idea of an "old school" present for Andrew... a model car to be assembled together. Thinking the time spent doing it is as much a gift as the gift itself. How thoughtful!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  19. Not to complain about the toys we had when we were kids -- because I'm not -- but the toys today are way cooler!

  20. Gosh, nine years old. I see Harper getting older before we know it. I love your present. Get him interested in something useful. In ten years or so he can maintain your RV for you.