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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Different Workamping Tasks

Before you think all we do here at J. Strom Thurmond COE is get lost in the woods and fall down in ravines while pin hunting, there are other interesting tasks that we’ve been able to do.

Recently, the park rangers had their annual preseason refresher training.  I was invited to participate and I taught a short course on defensive tactics, something I have a lot of experience in from my law enforcement career in the Coast Guard.


The rangers filled the conference room, under the watchful eyes of Old J. Strom himself.


I touched on some defensive techniques,


and even some every day items that could be used to protect oneself.


After some classroom lecturing, the rangers got a chance to try out different techniques, some practice punching and kicking went on, surrounded by much laughter.  It was a lot of fun and it was nice to share some of my hard earned knowledge.

Our Water Safety Group of volunteers has been presenting the Water Safety Program we’ve developed to many of the schools surrounding Thurmond Lake.

Mike and Terri did the “drowning oranges” demonstration with some student volunteers.


Bill demonstrated the different types of life jackets and how to fit and wear them properly.


Marti and I demonstrated the designated swimming areas that are all around Thurmond Lake.  The students enjoyed helping out.


The kids were well behaved and very interested.


We ended our thirty minute program with a review of all the points we wanted to get across.


As the kids left, Jacquie passed out throw rings to each student with a “Wear Your Life Jacket” message printed on them.


The kids wore them like halos.  I told you they were well behaved!


Different tasks, very rewarding and lots of fun to do.  But but before you think Marti and I have abandoned our favorite task, pin hunting, we went back to find that one pin covered up by heavy plant growth.




About ten minutes of hacking with a machete and we found and marked it.  No pin left behind!  :cD

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  1. Too bad you had to share your halos with everyone. It would have been nice to save a few for a rainy day ... You never know when you might need one.

  2. Now there are some programs I would have lo ed to attend. I definitely could use a halo.

  3. Always nice to be able to pass along one's previous knowledge & experience to new folks. And how enjoyable to be out looking for Pinheads in the brush. Some folks have all the luck:))

  4. Lots of things to do there, and teaching water safety to the kids is great.

  5. I have never thought of protecting myself with a flashlight before! I learn all kinds of neat things from your blog :)

  6. Defensive fighting had to be more interesting than the defensive driving class. ;)

  7. Good job, Grasshopper. Never realized you were a Kung-Foo Master!

  8. Well now, I think you need to come to Q and teach us that defensive fighting class. You just never know when us old folks could use some help. Is finding that pin sort of liking finding the end of the rainbow?

  9. You really are keeping busy there. How nice to use your knowledge to teach others.

  10. I've been out of blogger land for awhile and just caught up with all your posts. Congrats on your successful conclusion to the VA mess. It pays to be persistent - with pin finding and the government.

  11. I like the idea of you teaching us a defensive living class. And I could really use a replacement for my tarnished halo, you know.

  12. How nice of you to take your time to teach some of your self defense knowledge. I'm sure they will miss you when you leave.