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Monday, March 3, 2014

I Had To Ask

We’re back.  In one piece, too.  Only a 1700 mile round trip to New Jersey from our workamping gig at J. Strom Thurmond COE.  We did it in our car, so I’m not sure if this qualifies as a legitimate PDD driving excursion.  I’ll have to check the rules.

The trip was for the wedding of one of my nieces.


We broke the drive up and back into two days, staying overnight in a hotel both ways. That helped me remember how nice it is to travel in the Journey, packing a suitcase is a pain and lugging it around, even more so.  I guess we’re spoiled.

The trip was worth it in many ways, especially this one.  We got to see Anabelle!


She was giving hints that she wants Marti and me to take her to a very special place.


It seem like only yesterday I was walking my daughter down the aisle like my brother Gordy did with his little girl, Samantha.


I recalled how I had trouble fighting back the tears in my eyes, remembering how much it was costing me to marry off my daughter.  ;c)

It was a wonderful ceremony, made especially more joyful because my brother’s wife, Sharon, was able to attend and share in the happy occasion.  She is very ill and fighting a serious medical condition. 


The reception was lots of fun, great food, laughter, music and dancing.  My dad shared a lovely dance with the bride, one of his ten grandkids.


Along with the wedding cake,


there was also a traditional Norwegian wedding cake, because both families are Norwegian descendants. 


I finally got a chance to talk to the bride.  I had to ask her:  “It’s March in Northern New Jersey.  It’s cold and snowy.  What were you thinking?”


In fact it was so cold and snowy, I wouldn’t have been surprised to see one of these guys wandering around.


Samantha promised me that next time she gets married, it will be in the summer… :c)

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  1. Let's see, I believe I have the PDD rule book. 1700 miles one way means that if it took you two days that is 850 miles per day. Even in a car that is still definitely an excellent example of the disorder. I know your brother and the happy couple both appreciated you and Marti braving the the cold and such distances for the occasion. Your dad is still AMAZING! Our best thoughts and wishes to your sister in law.

  2. I think a beautiful wedding in New Jersey trumps PDD anytime, no matter the weather. Glad you made it safely there and back. Sounds like there may be a trip to see the mouse in Anabelle's future. :-)

  3. Glad you got to share in such wonderful family time!! Also glad you where able to get back before the next BIG storm rolls into that area.

  4. Some of us just aren't very bright about winter travel, but at least I took an airplane. ;)

  5. Your niece certainly made a beautiful bride and her dress is beautiful. Little Anabelle will someday become a master of subtlety!

  6. If that is not PDD, I'll eat my hat. But well worth the trip to be with family on the special day. I certainly hope you left the cold weather in NJ!

  7. Looks like it was a beautiful affair. Glad you made it there and back in one piece.

  8. Glad you were strong enough to make a trip back to that weather in March :) Our nephew married last March in Buffalo, NY. We missed it :) It should be against the law to have a wedding if the temps are under 70 :)
    Welcome home!

  9. Congratulations to the young couple.

  10. I think the 850 miles in two days is a PDD thing especially when most RVers limit themselves to much less than that. Anabelle she has grown. We all remember when we were waiting for her arrival! Love the cake and the Norwegian twist.

    We have noticed though that sometimes it's cheaper to stay in a motel than it is to stay in the motorhome ... but we still like our own bed better.

  11. Wow.. that is a lot of miles! Loved Annabelle's "hint" ... hahahaha and both of those cakes were lovely!

    What a great reason to go that many miles up there and back in this crazy weather, and you have a lot of memories now of a great family time.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  12. Annabelle is growing up fast! She sure is a cutie.

  13. Um, I'm still sitting here scratching my head wondering what PDD means. Guess maybe I'm not up to snuff on what a lot of today's modern short forms mean. Guess that comes from maybe not being a texter or something..........

  14. Man oh man, that's a lotta driving. Sure hope it works out for them. We flew home from Austria to attend a wedding in August of 2012 (I think...) and the newlyweds have decided to part company. I think I want my money back.
    Oh, and I think your drive does qualify for Paul Dahl Disorder. That was the PDD, right?
    You're welcome Al.

  15. In our books anything over 300 miles is way too much. I think PDD works even if it was in your car.
    Looks like you had too much fun though was worth it!

  16. Definitely a crazy lot of driving. I liked both of those wedding cakes but am wondering how in the heck they cut the Norwegian one!

    A beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding.

    I loved Annabelle's not so 'subtle' hint too!

  17. How nice you got to see that sweet little Anabelle.

    It was nice you could get up there for the wedding...but I the winter?

  18. Anabelle is darling and is she ever growing...gorgeous wedding...and i also agree what were they thinking ?? LOL