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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Whole Lot O Nuttin’

We did a 273 mile driving trip today, arriving in our Virginia destination where we’ll be attending the wedding of one of Marti’s former co-workers.

Strangely, nothing of note happened along the way.  No pigs, no black tank leaks, no weird construction zones or tornadoes.  No earthquakes, floods or other natural catastrophes.  Nope, didn’t get stuck, no flats, no break downs.  The tailpipe even stayed attached.  Just a whole lot o nuttin’.

People ask why do weird things happen to me when I travel in the Journey?  The only explanation I’ve come up with is I must have been a very bad person in a previous life and this is the Karma I’ve earned.  ;c)

Okay, one thing a little strange to tell about.  In the wee hours of the night as we overnighted in a Flying J in Kentucky, this strange contraption pulled up next to us.


Closer inspection revealed some very odd components.


A wing and a funny looking big round thing on the back. 

The big round thing, close up.


Yep.  A jet powered school bus.  I never wanted to go to school that fast…  :cO

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  1. I just had to google that bus and found this:
    Pupils have no excuse turning up late in this school bus, it breathes fire and rockets along at 367mph. The bus evolved into a high-speed dragster at the hands of petrol-head Paul Stender who custom built the hotrod ride.
    And the miles just fly by after he fitted it with an engine lifted from a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jet.


  2. This would be the bus for going home from school.

  3. You do have some amazing things show up in your life. Some good, some not so much and some just strange.

  4. I want that bus! Where can be buy it? Just think how many miles you could travel when you're in a PDD mood.

  5. Boy your luck has changed!! Imagine if he had revved that thing up while you were sleeping;o((

  6. We saw that or a very similar school bus a few years ago in a rest area. Quite an interesting site.

  7. Funniest thing I ever saw was School Bus Demolition Derby! This bus would rock that event!

  8. That must be for the kids that live way out in the country.

  9. You definitely need one of those jet engines on the back of the Journey. Just think how far you could drive in one day!

  10. I think you see and have some interesting things on your travels because of the miles you drive :) Glad you are in VA now for awhile!

  11. Don't go getting any ideas now. If we see the journey with a flame painted on the side and a big round thing coming out of the back, we'll know that your PDD is in full force :)

  12. The things we see in a flying J! Love the diversity.

  13. We were on our way to an airshow... Just was googling the show news coverage and found this blog post. The joys of traveling with an open trailer ; ) ps- that was a nice FJ to park at but quite loud!

  14. Also- did you happen to notice the jet powered doghouse on the front of he trailer? Lol