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Monday, September 1, 2014

Missouri Girls

We had a very nice trip the last two days of our journey in the Journey.  We had pushed hard the first day of our three day travel so the next two days would be a little easier.  Most of the trip was on I-70 West, with little traffic.  Three times in Illinois the highway had one lane construction areas that caused some backups, but nothing to worry about.  Especially since we carry our own bathroom with us.  :c)

We set up in the Pin Oak Creek Campground in Villa Ridge, MO and then drove the several miles over to our kid’s home to see the girls.  We hadn’t seen them since May and they’ve grown quite a bit, especially little Charlie (Charlotte).


It didn’t take long for Bekah to put Mimi Marti to work painting her nails.


Charlie already has more hair than daddy Ryan.


And Bekah has her mom Amber’s great smile.


The older girls have been very helpful with little Charlie and she is very happy to be in their arms.



We’ve already enjoyed a day swimming in the campground pool as well as a cookout and a campfire with S’mores.

Bekah doesn’t care for graham crackers so she had her S’mores with just the chocolate and the marshmallow.


Finger lickin’ good!


We’re going to be here with the girls for about 10 days.  We have lots of fun to look forward to and Friday we’re taking Taylor and Kierra down to nearby Branson to see two shows. We’ve been wanting to take them there because we know they love signing and dancing.  No better place than Branson, MO to see that!

We’re very happy that we have our Winnebago Journey to travel the country and be footloose and fancy free to head to wherever we want to be, especially being able to stay in touch with all our 8 grandkids. 

And I have no lawn to mow…  :c)

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  1. Ahhhhhh tis a good life you have - we miss it!!

  2. That girl knows how to enjoy a S'more! I bet you looked the same. :)

  3. those grand-girls of yours are darn cute!!

  4. Now, if you were a good dad and father-in-law, you would mow Ryan's grass for him.

    But nope, you run off to Branson.....

  5. That's a great picture of Marti with Charlie!! Looks like you've found a bit of heaven in Missouri. I think those grandgirls are going to run you both ragged - hope you're in good shape!

  6. There they are - all those gorgeous girls. I know they're thrilled you're there. Fun times ahead.

  7. This is such an amazing lifestyle, moving about and visiting with family. Enjoy your time there.

  8. Great Photos!! Love the chocolate face;o)) Enjoy making memories:o)

  9. I am with Bekah- skip the cracker- eat more chocolate!

  10. Looks like everyone is content. Who gets to clean-up the smores face? Enjoy those little ones.

  11. I bet they missed their mimi and papa. Glad that you can spend some time with them again!

  12. Glad to see you made it safely to Missouri while I was internetless for a week. Those girls sure make those travel days worthwhile. They are going to love Branson with you two.

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