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Monday, September 22, 2014

History Repeats Itself

Or in the immortal words of Yogi Bera:  “It’s like déjà vu all over again”.

We finished off our week with Andrew and Owie sleeping over in the Journey and an afternoon out geocaching.  It’s amazing the places geocaches can be hidden.

Like under the bolt cover on a parking lot lamp pole.


The boys worked together to get the log back in the container.


Off into the woods to search for then next cache.


Andrew found the next one in the crotch of a tree.


This cache was big enough to contain some trade items.  Owie pondered which item to take before replacing it with a bunch of small items we carry.


It was a fun outing, we only had a couple of hours before the boys had to head to a friend’s birthday party.  But we were lucky, we found three caches out of the three went went looking for.  The boys are getting good at this sport, and love it.

This morning we “pulled chocks” and headed to the J. Strom Thurmond Army Corps of Engineering project where we’ll be volunteering through the end of the year.  Because we’re a week earlier than planned, we got a site in the Modoc campground until a site opens up for us in the nearby Volunteer Village campground 1 October. 

We have no complaints, a large, shady spot right next to Thurmond Lake.


It has a large patio area,


and even its own stairs and pathway to the water’s edge.


Because the site is so heavily wooded, our rooftop mounted satellite dish couldn’t get a signal, so I put up the portable dish.


I didn’t hold out much hope to get locked onto the satellite through these trees.


But I lucked out.  My Align-a-Site came through again and helped me find a hole in the canopy.  All the comforts of home and we’ll start our workamping week on Wednesday. 

First up is helping the rangers with National Public Lands Day, (this upcoming Saturday), where lots of volunteers all over the country spend the day helping with work projects in our National Parks.  In return, the participants get a free t-shirt, lunch and a free one day pass good to be used in any National Park.  A nice reward for a day helping keep our nation’s parks clean, neat and preserved for future generations.

We love this workamping job!  Not to mention there are still plenty of boundary line pins out there just waiting for us to find them…   :c)

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  1. I guess it's time for you to become a pin head once more.

  2. You young whippersnappers! Guess you don't qualify for the old farts pass yet.

  3. I'm impressed you could get a signal through all those trees! I need to research that Align-A-Site!

  4. Well you had me worried with the title. I could think of lots of things that have happened that you wouldn't want repeated. Looks like you are settled in for some more relaxing days with ol' Strom.

  5. Next thing you know the kids are going to want to learn navigation:)

  6. Looks like a beautiful park with nice campsites. I am sure you will love your time there.

  7. Looks like you're getting ready to get back on the job again. With all that extra money you're going to be earning, no telling where you'll be heading next. Hope the weather holds out for you. Isn't this hurricane season down that way?

  8. You must be by Nancy & Bill somewhere there. I'm sure Hatfield will be happy to see ya. Give everyone a howdy from us :)

  9. It was really good to see the two of you last evening!! I believe your grandsons may need to be called in to help you locate your next 500 pins:o))

  10. Working a bit is just fine as long as it is fun and you enjoy it.

  11. That job sounds so fun! I think we might really enjoy that one year. Such a fun time for the boys geocaching with the grandparents. Great memories!

  12. Once a pinhead always a pinhead!

    Great to see you guys enjoying time outdoors with the grandson's.

  13. Deja vu in a good way ... you had me going there for a minute. Enjoy the workcamping.

  14. Back to work??? Thought you gave that up with

  15. Bet you feel like you've come home. Good job getting the satellite signal. I probably would have asked for a different site.