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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Done. Finally!

We were vey thankful for a number of the COE volunteers to step up and help us finish the very last of the gatehouse mulching projects.


With all these folks pitching in, the work went fast.


The final tally is 11 gate houses and surrounding areas weeded and mulched.  To get an idea of how big the total area covered is, think of half a football field.

While we were working in the Modoc campground, I was able to get a picture of the Journey in the adjacent campground where all the volunteers stay (Volunteer Village Campground).


Thankfully, we have a great time after work with weekly get togethers and pot luck suppers.



After all, we do have to keep our energy levels up for the next job!  ;c)

An answer to the questions about how does the Corps follow up on boundary line violations: the rangers take them very seriously, first verifying what we’ve discovered, then notifying the violator of the issue, often meeting with them in person to discuss what corrective actions are necessary.  A time frame is set to have the violation corrected and most often the issue is quickly resolved.  There have been cases, however that have resulted in fines, lawsuits and in at least one case I was told about, the person had to purchase from the Corps a small piece of property after constructing his house four feet over the boundary line.  Big Oops!  ;c)

The rangers do keep on top of this and protect this beautiful area to keep its pristine beauty for all of us to enjoy.

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  1. I'm waiting for the rest of the volunteers to get here at Imperial so we can have some of those potlucks too!

  2. Boy with all that good food I can see why you need lots of projects to work it off. Thanks for the info on what happens to pin violators.

  3. Work hard and Play hard...a good combination!!!

  4. Your camping spot really seems great!

  5. I'm really glad you're doing all this work and getting the place ready for others to enjoy. Are you sure you can take the time off to enjoy a potluck? Aren't there more pins to be found or dirt to dig?

  6. Glad to see you guys are eating well for all the hard work you do.

    It still amazes me to see that people don't check boundary lines before building a home.

  7. Good job! We enjoyed looking at the flowers blooming at our gatehouse :)

  8. You must be in great shape after all that mulching, or are the potlucks just too good?

  9. Glad I kept reading to the end. How the heck do you get a permit to build a house on property that's NOT YOURS?? I just shake my head. I think I would have made 'em tear it down, but I'm kinda miserable that way.

  10. Work camping with socialization thrown in for good measure. Thanks for the bit about what happens after you report a violation.

  11. The Journey looks like it has a pretty sweet spot!

  12. Just having too much fun there and thats what its all about.

  13. Good that all that work is done, now you can get back to the more mundane day to day chores. I know it's a rough life, but thankfully we have folks like you guys to handle