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Monday, October 20, 2014

What More Can We Pack Into One Day?

An early morning start to help Ranger Andrew.  The “Iron Ranger” fee boxes all around J. Strom Thurmond Lake boat ramps and day use areas have money boxes that need to be collected.  A team of volunteers heads out weekly to collect the boxes, exchanging an empty box for a full one.  To keep everything honest and ensure integrity, sample boxes at different areas are audited, then the audit is later compared to the box when it is brought in for counting the fee money that is later deposited. 

The audit took only an hour, three fee boxes were sampled, then we headed back for our next adventure, one we’ve been waiting a long time to do.

Pin Hunting!  The first pin of our tour.


This pin led to finding another encroachment on Corps land.  We ran a tape line from one pin to another and the encroachment was revealed.


There was some new construction and a pile of debris and a electrical pole (to the right of the yellow line) has to be moved.  Oops!

A littler further another problem.  Double Oops!  Looks like some rebuilding of a wall needs to be done.


What did the day bring next?  Here’s a hint:


We had a bunch of dock inspections to do.  The Corps leases dock space on the lake to people, with the regulation that the docks are kept in good working order.  Instead of doing the inspections from the land side, it was quicker to do by boat.


Marti and I, with Ranger Pepper, launched one of the Corps boats,


and spent a couple of hours on Thurmond Lake inspecting the docks in one area.

Lots of sun, fresh air and smiles.  Perfect day for a boat.



And yes, we were wearing our life jackets.  These are inflatable life jackets, very light to wear, giving lots of freedom of movement, while keeping you safe.  It made me sort of pine for my Coast Guard boat driving days.  It came right back.


Always something interesting to do here in our workamping jobs.

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  1. Boy you really do have a variety of assignments there. Tough luck for the people who pay no attention to pins. Guess they'd better get moving. Does anyone check to see that they actually change the things they are told to? Maybe you have to go back and see next year?? Or this year for last year?? I hope the ranger was smart enough to let the Coast Guard do the driving. Seems like the perfect job for you.

  2. I would recommend you for a raise but even 50% of $0 is still zero. For some reason, I think the Coast Guard just may not let you re-up and even if they did, Marti wouldn't.

  3. I'm sire you relish manning the helm. Deja vue all over again.

  4. Nothing better than a day on the water when someone else is paying the fuel bill:)

  5. What a gorgeous day!! Boating, geocaching and collecting money...what's not to love:o)))

  6. I could get into that dock checking job. I love boats as long as they belong to someone else.

  7. Glad to see you are keeping everything under control on Corps land by ground and sea! What next? Ranger Paul in a helicopter?

  8. Wow - what a shock to see that the boundaries aren't what you that they were...ugh.

  9. Good question about follow-up by Sherry. I was wondering the same thing. Once they finding illegally built structures and encroachments, how do they follow-up and make certain that compliance has been accomplished?
    Now boating, that's just plain having fun Paul. You're not going to convince us that was work.

  10. Isn't it fun to have a job that's fun? :)
    Love the inflatable life jackets...wish they were more affordable :)

  11. Have the same question as Sherry and Steve & Karen ... anyone monitor the resolution of the encroachment?

  12. You looked right at home behind the wheel of the boat! Much nicer to be out on the water instead of pin hunting I would think :)

  13. Glad they are keeping you busy and out of trouble.