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Monday, October 6, 2014

No Pin Hunting Yet

As much as we’d love to get out and hunt for boundary line survey pins here at J. Strom Thurmond COE project, there are jobs that have a higher priority.  With winter and colder, wetter weather in the near future, we have to make use of every sunny day the comes along.

One top priority job that needs to be done is repainting picnic tables and shelters at the West Dam recreation area.  As much as I love painting (not!), we’re here to help and we’ll do anything that needs our abilities.


We got a group of several volunteers together and armed with paint, brushes and rollers, we jumped right in.

Bob and Laura also painted a nearby life jacket loner kiosk that needed some attention, too.


I have an extendable pole I use to wash the Journey.  It came in handy to reach the high inside roof boards with a roller screwed on the end.


Marti was all decked out in her very best Sunday-go-to-meeting painting clothes.


We hope to finish all the shelters and tables this week.  It is a tiring job for us old fogies, but thankfully, Advil for the sore muscles and pot luck dinners we share here will see us through.  ;c)


Looks like the mulching project will be next on our agenda, so those pins will have to wait just a little longer to be hunted.  ;c)

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  1. Painting and mulching...........sheesh........seems like home ownership. Glad you don't mind. They sure are lucky to have all the volunteers. Imagine what it would cost to pay people to do that. :-)

  2. Where were you when we needed someone here to do the painting? You may run but you can't hide.

  3. Oh so very glad our summer wasn't spent painting. We'll sit in those air conditioned gate houses any day ;)

  4. We have some fence painting that needs to be done if you want to volunteer

  5. Way to go... Looking Good!!! The volunteers sure do make a positivie impact on the COE Recreation Areas:o))

  6. Work, work, work. You guys are getting way too good at that four letter word.

  7. Painting is right up my alley. I'd rather do that than pull weeds our mulch.

  8. While you're painting away, are those pins finding better hiding spots???

  9. Nice try at making some painting look like fun....the only fun part to me was the pot-luck dinner. I'd volunteer for that!!

  10. Brings back memories of my 200 post painting days. :(

  11. I have a feeling that Judy will recruit you if she ever is stuck with painting.

  12. Painting is something I don't mind doing, I made a lot of money on the side for years, doing just that kinda work.
    Those pot lucks sound like fun too.

    1. Hope you are wearing a wide brim hat for the paint splatters!

  13. Sorry we're missing out on all the fun... especially the potlucks. :)
    Looks like the volunteers continue to make a difference for the Corps!

  14. Feed them and they will come, they say. I guess it can be paraphrased to feed them, and they will work ;-)

  15. It's good to carry multitasking tools with you, you never know when you'll need one.

  16. Excellent work! Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make things look clean and nice.

  17. They must know they have you hooked. This year they're bringing on the hard jobs.