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Saturday, April 4, 2015

My New RV

You could say I’ve downsized a bit.  Our Journey is 40 feet long (okay, I lied, it’s actually 39 feet, 11 inches) and hustling it about sometimes can be tough, especially winding through tight campgrounds or fueling stations.  So I yearned for something a little smaller.

I’ve been waiting for a long time to find the perfect smaller RV, something reliable, yet reasonably comfortable with some pretty good storage space.  It didn’t have to be new, but in good, well cared for shape.

Finally, I found it.  Let me ‘splain.

Our son, Corey, is the service manager at a large New Jersey car dealership.  He called me up one night and told me all about this RV that someone had traded in for a purchase of a new car.  He had one of his techs check it out and said it was in A-1 condition.  Corey sent me pictures of it, which raised my interest.

We talked back and forth, I had Corey check out a few things and even take it for a spin to see if it performed well.  After the road test, he said it ran perfectly.  A few more pictures to help me make up a decision and then the price.  The price was good, in fact, it was a steal. 

Just for my peace of mind, I did some research on Kelly’s Blue Book and Craigslist for comparable RVs and found the price was amazing, so I pulled the trigger, sent Corey a check for the cost and now I own this new (to me) downsized RV.  The dealership wanted to move this RV off the lot because they don’t normally sell this kind of vehicle.  Plus, I got Corey’s employee discount.  Sometimes the stars do align.

So, without further ado, here is the picture of my new, downsized RV:


It is a fully loaded 2003 Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle. That’s a picture of Corey with our granddaughter Anabelle on it the day last week when Corey rode it home to his house.

For now, Corey is going to keep the motorcycle in his garage for me and ride it whenever he likes.  I’ll get a chance to ride it this summer when we are up in NJ for a couple of months.  As to the logistics of where we’ll eventually keep it and how (if) we take it with us in the Journey as we travel will be worked out when the time comes, but right now I had to strike while the iron is hot.

I’m looking forward to a few short motorcycle trips this summer with two of my brothers who also live in NJ and have motorcycles.  I’ve been riding motorcycles for many years and did a major 7000 mile cross country motorcycle trip years ago with my dad and brother.  In fact, Marti and I went on our honeymoon 37 years ago on a motorcycle. That whetted my appetite to travel leading us to our full time life.  I gave my last motorcycle to my other son, Ryan, shortly before we hit the road.

I don’t think Marti will do any long trips with me on the motorcycle, just maybe some day long sight seeing rides.  I think riding in the Journey has spoiled her a bit. 

Of course, all of these plans are dependant on if I can get Anabelle off the motorcycle…  ;c)

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  1. Nice bike & with it being a Honda you know you have yourself a quality ride there. Oh ya, my 2003 1100 Shadow Aero cruiser is a Honda too:))

  2. Nice! You may have downsized just a tad too much though. Where will you put the bed???

  3. Now that sounds like an awesome ride.
    I was given a choice years ago, our coach or a motorcycle.
    And you know what that choice was. But can always dream.

  4. You're gonna give Marty a fit.... where will that new washer/dryer go;o)) Be safe but have fun!!!

  5. Wow - that is definitely what I call downsizing.

  6. All I will say after owning a motorcycle in the 70s and being a crash investigator for 22 years is.........BE VERY CAREFUL!

  7. No worries there, Steve. I've ridden well over 100K miles on motorcycles, have taken rider safety courses and ride with a full face helmet, protective gear and a high visibility safety vest. Most of all, this bike is not one of those pocket rockets, but a big old lumbering touring bike. People behind me will be honking for me to move over 'cause I'm riding too slow... ;c)

    1. Not really worrying about the measures you take to remain safe Paul. It's the "other guy" who "never saw the motorcycle".

    2. You're absolutely right, something that was hammered home in the safe riding courses. I ride with the mindset that everybody is out to hit me.

  8. Dennis Hill is starting up an Escapees Birds of Feather group for motorcyclists.

  9. It's going to be pretty hard sleeping in your new RV. I don't see an outhouse, I don't see closets and I don't see a refrigerator. Even making your bed will be difficult but maybe you'll be able to roll the bed up and attach it back of the seat.

    Be careful!

  10. Well you definitely downsized. Boys and their toys. :-)

  11. Wow, never knew you were a cyclist :) George has his motorcycle license too, but no cycle. We've rented a Harley to ride back in Texas once. Pretty cool!

  12. Does this mean I'm gonna have to help you pull that new washer/dryer back out and put it on the bike?

    By the way, what's the CCC on that RV? ;-)

  13. Maybe you can talk Marti into taking a ride down here. The bikers really seem to enjoy the Overseas Highway! A lot of them have Go-Pro cameras hooked on.

  14. I feel for you Paul! Its going to be tough taking a ride. I mean seriously, think of the sacrifice man! No coffee while driving. Argh!

    Break out the crayons and simply color me jealous.

  15. Congrats on your new ride!

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  17. Nice bike! My spouse and I have been pondering the idea of purchasing a couple of reasonably priced used bikes so that we can ride together this summer. I love the RV, my Uncle owns a full size RV and it is real sharp, but I think I would be more comfortable driving a smaller one.

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV